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27 February 2024 | etc.venues St Paul’s, London

Europe’s leading fraud and claims event


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Join Europe’s largest and most innovative insurance players to navigate the constantly evolving fraud and claims landscape. Dig deep into new regulations and emerging trends, spearhead new strategies and connect with the people that matter.

Network with Directors/Heads of:

  • Claims
  • Fraud / Investigation
  • Operations
  • Digital / Transformation
  • Data / Analytics
  • Underwriting
  • Policy
  • Customer Experience


2024 Event Speakers

Take inspiration from our supercharged speaker line-up at this year’s fraud and claims event.

• Imke Aarts, Claims Director Europe, Lemonade

Imke Aarts

Claims Director Europe, Lemonade

James Nicholson, Chief Claims Officer, Zurich

James Nicholson

Chief Claims Officer, Zurich

Howard Rawstron - Lloyds Banking Group

Howard Rawstron

Head of Group Oversight Economic Crime Prevention, Lloyds Banking Group

Ben Fletcher

Ben Fletcher

Director of Financial Crime, LV=

Paul Angell

Paul Angell

Head of Data & Analytics, AXA Health

James Burge

James Burge

Head of Counter Fraud, Allianz

Amit Patel, Founder, Peachy

Amit Patel

Founder, Peachy

Tom Hill - City of London Police

Tom Hill

Head of IFED, City of London Police

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Key themes for 2024



Navigating the supply chain crisis

Hear from Europe’s Chief Claims Officers on the outlook for supply chains and how to navigate the crisis, while building resilience for the future.

Staying ahead of emerging threats

From shallow fakes to international fraud trends, find out how fraud is evolving across a wide range of lines and geographies, with special insights from the banking industry.

Digitising claims & the role of AI

Learn from disruptors Lemonade, FloodFlash and Locket on data maturity, predict and prevent and testing Gen AI in claims.

Forecasting future opportunities and vulnerabilities

 Prepare for future double-edged swords and bolster defences in the face of ongoing digitisation and the rise of AI.

Preparing for new reforms and regulations

Understand the implications of The EU AI Act, discover what Consumer Duty looks like in practice; and take stock of the continuing impact of the Whiplash Reforms.

Unleashing new levels of collaboration

Hear from the police, the banking industry, and key departments and stakeholders on how to take collaboration to new levels.

Who attends Insurance Innovators: Fraud & Claims

Join the industry’s top companies at Europe’s premier fraud and claims event.

II: Fraud & Claims - Who attends our fraud & claims event

 “This continues to set the benchmark for conferences in the UK.”


Head of Claims Fraud, Zurich

2024 Agenda

Take a look at the hot topics at this year’s event.

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Day 1

Session One | Setting the scene for 2024 and beyond

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Stage 1

Keynote address  

The digital transformation of claims: what are the future possibilities? 


James Nicholson, Chief Claims Officer, Zurich
James Nicholson

Chief Claims Officer

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Keynote address  

A whole system response: a new fraud strategy 


Mark Allen - ABI
Mark Allen

Assistant Director, Head of Fraud & Financial Crime
Association of British Insurers

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Advisory session

Innovate to navigate: unravelling insurance fraud in the digital era with AI 

Gijsbert Cox
Gijsbert Cox

Industry Leader Insurance EMEA + APAC

Rebecca Clancy, Solutions Consultant, Appian Corporation
Rebecca Clancy

Solutions Consultant

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Leaders’ forum

Next-gen digitalisation: preparing for the new threats and opportunities in fraud and claims  

  • Digitalisation on both sides: understanding how fraud is transforming and how to respond 
  • Striking the right balance: managing speed, CX, and the fraud risk  
  • What more needs to be done to operationalise data throughout fraud and claims? 
  • The power of generative AI: a game changer in the fraud and claims departments?  
  • What does truly innovative, effective, and fraud-secure digitalisation look like?  
  • The power of industrywide data sharing: how can insurers move past the competitive obstacles to full collaboration? 

• Imke Aarts, Claims Director Europe, Lemonade
Imke Aarts

Claims Director Europe

Scott Clayton - Zurich
Scott Clayton

Head of Claims Fraud

Adele Sumner. RSA | Counter Fraud 2019 | Insurance Innovators
Adele Sumner

Head of Counter Fraud and Financial Crime

Manjit Rana, Clearspeed
Manjit Rana

GM Insurance, UK, EMEA & APAC

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Refreshment break

Session Two

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Stage 1 | The evolution of fraud: continuing and emerging threats 1
Stage 2 | The future of digital claims 2

Stage 1 | The evolution of fraud: continuing and emerging threats

Panel discussion

The shallow fake showcase: new vulnerabilities, new tricks 

  • From false IDs to fake supporting evidence: to what extent is shallow faking on the rise?
  • Keeping pace with claims automation: where are vulnerabilities emerging?
  • What steps will be needed to supercharge document scrutiny and verification? 

Vera Sønsthagen - Gjensidige
Vera Sønsthagen

Head of Special investigation Unit

Laura Horrocks
Laura Horrocks

Head of Fraud Technology and Intelligence

Howard Rawstron - Lloyds Banking Group
Howard Rawstron

Head of Group Oversight Economic Crime Prevention
Lloyds Banking Group

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The UK whiplash reforms: the impact and the lessons learned

It’s now been over two years since the whiplash reforms have come into effect. This presentation will uncover the efficacy of these reforms against sham whiplash injuries, track how fraud has pivoted and explore what other countries can learn.

David Phillips
David Phillips

Chair; Claims and Validation Technical Manager, NFU Mutual
General Insurance Fraud Committee

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Advisory session

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Panel discussion

The developing role of cyber criminals in insurance fraud 

  • The changing face of the modern fraudster: how can insurers keep up with their modus operandi?
  • The developing role of cyber criminals in application fraud: what are the new challenges?
  • The rise of ID theft: old fraud, new tricks
  • Data breaches and theft: how to protect insurers and customers
  • Fraud in the metaverse: where will opportunities for deepfake technology emerge?
  • How can analytics be leveraged to stop cyber criminals in their tracks without too many false positives?

James Burge
James Burge

Head of Counter Fraud

Katie Davies
Katie Davies

Head of Underwriting Services

Rob Smith-Wright, Claims Fraud Manager, Chubb
Rob Smith-Wright

Claims Fraud Manager

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Stage 2 | The future of digital claims

Keynote address 

Harnessing data to enhance the user experience

Dean Witherington, Retail Claims Director, AXA
Dean Witherington

Retail Claims Director

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Innovator Insight | FloodFlash

Parametric insurance and frictionless payment

Award-winning insurtech, FloodFlash, have pioneered the settlement of catastrophic flood claims through parametric insurance. This presentation will explore how they have achieved the fastest property claim settlement ever – under 4 hours – through the powerful combination of IoT and blockchain.

Nyasha Kuwana, FloodFlash
Nyasha Kuwana

Commercial Director

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Fireside chat

Reshaping CX with digital innovation and next-gen analytics

  • The most personalised and convenient customer experience: what does this look like?
  • How can insurers accommodate to a variety of customers and their different needs with analytics?
  • Analytics and data capture: how can we develop these for faster communication with customers?
  • Avoiding unnecessary questions: leveraging data ecosystems to pre-populate claims information
  • How can claims departments build a new successful innovation strategy in the era of instant gratification?

Fredrik Thuring

Head of Operational Analytics

Amit Patel, Founder, Peachy
Amit Patel


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Panel discussion

New horizons: the future of digital claims

  • Predict and prevent: how will this revolutionise claims?
  • How can insurers effectively integrate systems for a straightforward claims process?
  • Dealing with a data explosion: assessing the requirements of a connected world
  • Unlocking the powers of computer vision: what advances are being made in deep learning?
  • IoT, smart contracts and blockchain: the future of parametric insurance
  • The evolution of the chatbot: how is generative AI set to create more supportive and personalised experiences?

Melanie Kill

Claims Transformation Director

Nick Kelsall, Allianz
Nicholas Kelsall

Head of Motor Claims

Tom Helm
Tom Helm

Director, Claims Practice Leader

Aditya Udas, Head of Digital Commercial, Iron Mountain
Aditya Udas

Head of Digital Commercial
Iron Mountain

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Session Three

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Stage 1 | Taking counter-fraud to the next stage 1
Stage 2 | Optimising efficiency in claims 2

Stage 1 | Taking counter-fraud to the next stage

Keynote address

Towards more meaningful metrics: demonstrating the returns of counter-fraud



Jon Radford - Insurance Fraud Bureau
Jon Radford

Head of Intelligence, Investigations & Data Services
Insurance Fraud Bureau

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Fireside chat 

Reconciling fraud prevention with the customer experience

  • Fighting fraud vs improving the customer experience: where do the tensions lie?
  • Shifting to speedier claims handling: what new vulnerabilities will arise and how should fraud teams adapt?
  • Reducing fraud exposure while delivering speed: what does the optimum level of friction look like?
  • Realising the potential of Gen AI: Where can generative AI be used to create a speedy fraud detection programme?
  • What steps are needed to optimize inter-departmental collaboration?
  • Unlocking new insights: how can insurers break down data siloes?

Sharna Thomson - Zurich
Sharna Thomson

Head of Customer, UK Claims

Arlenee Lebron
Arlenee Lebrón

Head of Fraud and P&C Claims Manager in AXA International Markets

Bruce Williams, Product Manager, LexisNexis
Bruce Williams

Product Manager

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Fireside chat 

Optimising counter-fraud with data and analytics

  • How are the regulation and customer expectations changing the pressures on the SIU?
  • Doing more with less: where are key efficiency gains in the SIU?
  • How can new data sources be leveraged to better empower the SIU?
  • How can triaging and automation be leveraged to focus investigators on high value tasks?

Charlotte Brown, Counter Fraud Manager, NFU Mutual
Charlotte Brown

Counter Fraud Manager
NFU Mutual

Martyn Griffiths

Sales Manager UK

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Panel discussion 

The power of prosecution: towards a tougher stance

  • Clamping down on opportunistic fraud: how are police forces and courts fighting the surge?
  • How are public perceptions of insurance fraud changing? What more needs to be done?
  • Where do vulnerabilities and gaps remain? What more can the industry do to help?
  • Serious crime, serious consequences? Where do landmark prosecutions need to be made?
  • The union against cross-border fraud: how can the UK and other states better collaborate?

Tom Hill - City of London Police
Tom Hill

Head of IFED
City of London Police

Gareth Davies, Global Head of Fraud, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty
Gareth Davies

Global Head of Fraud
Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty

Ben Fletcher
Ben Fletcher

Director of Financial Crime

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Stage 2 | Optimising efficiency in claims

Keynote address

The supply chain crisis: claims in an unstable and inflationary world

Paul Burgess, SVP, Global Head of Multi-National Claims, Sompo International
Paul Burgess

SVP, Global Head of Multi-National Claims
Sompo International

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Advisory session

Augmented intelligence: when claims handlers outperform robots

Lars Julin, CEO & Founder, Peopleway
Lars Julin

CEO & Founder

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Panel discussion 

Achieving seamless automation and collaboration between human and digital

  • How can insurers streamline the claims process to create better efficiencies?
  • What are challenges with implementing straight through processing?
  • Challenging assumptions: is human always more supportive than digital?
  • The changing role of digital: understanding the possibilities of emotional AI
  • How will the role of the claims handler evolve with the increase of digitalisation and AI?
  • Augmenting analytics to apply automation for complex claims

James Russell, Head of Claims Transformation, Esure
James Russell

Head of Claims Transformation
esure Group

Amanda Nicoll, Head of Claims, Flock
Amanda Nicoll

Head of Claims

Hugo Fernandez to website: Hugo Fernandez, Europe Claims Operations & Change Manager, Hiscox
Hugo Fernandes

Europe Claims Operations & Change Manager

Geoff Andrews, Chief Operating Officer, Carpe Data
Geoff Andrews

Chief Operating Officer
Carpe Data

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Session Four: Data and collaboration, the new frontier

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Keynote address 

Data and Regulation: risks on the horizon

Duncan Minty

Independent Ethics Advisor
Ethics and Insurance

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Panel discussion 

Optimising data maturity

  • How must insurers develop to capitalise on new data opportunities?
  • The elephant in the room: addressing the issue of data maturity
  • From data siloes to a single version of truth: what are the current challenges to data maturity?
  • Sourcing, cleaning, integrating: optimising data quality
  • Addressing the cultural element: embedding data skills throughout the organisation
  • How is the data ecosystem set to evolve and how must insurers respond?

David Jones, Principal Data Scientist Counter-Fraud, Aviva
David Jones

Principal Data Scientist Counter-Fraud

Simon Jones, Lead Data Scientist, Direct Line
Simon Jones

Lead Data Scientist
Direct Line Group

After a PhD in applied mathematics, Maxime naturally turned to data science. At the end of 2016, he joined Shift Technology to specialize in the application of AI models to insurance, both for fraud detection and claims automation. After 5 years managing models and customers in Asia, Maxime returned to France in 2021 and now leads the company's data science activities in Europe.
Maxime Paul

Chief Data Scientist Europe Canada and Latam
Shift Technology

Paul Angell
Paul Angell

Head of Data & Analytics
AXA Health

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Advisory session

Navigating the AI Arms Race in 2024: Frauds, Innovations, and Agile Responses in Insurance 

Join industry leaders Quantexa, Allianz, and Zurich in a compelling panel discussion delving into the evolving landscape of insurance fraud, where bad actors are leveraging AI more than ever before to exploit vulnerabilities and maximize returns.

The panel will discuss how cybercriminals are breaking new ground by jailbreaking ChatGPT to harness the power of Generative AI. Fraudsters are constructing playbooks on eluding detection and optimizing return on investment using innovative tactics, such as using generative AI to fabricate convincing before-and-after images of flood damage, which are enabling fraudsters to target specific lines of business and insurers.

However making use of AI is a key component of the solution for insurers and agility must be at the heart of the response. The discussion will explore the elements needed to combat this dynamic threat, including robust capabilities, flexibility in integrating diverse datasets, and explorative capabilities to uncover subtle trends that may go unnoticed without the use of advanced data analytics. The discussion underscores the need to employ AI creatively, moving beyond conventional model training methods susceptible to gaming, learning, or overtraining.

The session will unravel the multifaceted role of AI in the insurance industry, examining its dual impact as a looming threat and an effective solution. Leave the session with insights into leveraging AI to fortify defences against fraud, ensuring that the industry stays one step ahead in this ever-evolving technological environment.

Scott Clayton - Zurich
Scott Clayton

Head of Claims Fraud

Nick Kelsall, Allianz
Nicholas Kelsall

Head of Motor Claims

Ivan Heard

Head of Fraud

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Fireside chat 

Inter-departmental collaboration

  • Fraud detection, CX, and underwriting: understanding and balancing competing goals
  • How can insurers encourage greater cultural collaboration between the claims and underwriting departments?
  • How can more effective fraud control at point of underwriting mitigate the risks of faster and more automated claims handling?
  • Embedding fraud risk assessment throughout the policy lifecycle: understanding the possibility and potential

Peter Ward, Aviva
Peter Ward

Head of Claims Counter Fraud

Ian Carman - Sedgwick
Ian Carman

Director of Investigation Services

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Keynote address 

Fraudsters without borders: a look at international trends 

Steven Crystal - Sedgwick
Steve Crystal

Head of Claims Fraud and Investigation Services, International

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