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15 – 16 November 2023 | QEII Centre, London

Attracting 1200+ insurance big hitters and next-gen disruptors from across the globe, Insurance Innovators Summit is the event reshaping insurance as we know it.

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“Insurance Innovators sets the innovation agenda”

Tara Foley, Chief Executive Officer, AXA Retail

2023 Speakers

Take a look at who’s speaking at this year’s insurance conference.

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Alexander Vollert | Speaker

Alexander Vollert

Group Chief Operating Officer & Chief Executive Officer, AXA Group

Tim Bailey, Zurich Photo

Tim Bailey

Chief Executive Officer, Zurich

Ant Middle

Ant Middle

Chief Executive Officer, Ageas

Ken Norgrove

Chief Executive Officer, RSA

David Mcmillan

Chief Executive Officer, esure

Laura Eschricht

Chief Strategy Officer , wefox

Bruno Scaroni | Speaker

Bruno Scaroni

Chief Transformation Officer, Generali

Anna Fleming, AXA Photo

Anna Fleming

Interim Chief Executive Officer, AXA

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Sir Alex Younger, Former Chief, MI6 speaking at #IISummit23


Sir Alex Younger is the UK’s Former Spy Chief (“C”) of the Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6. He served in this role for six years, from 2014-2020 and in 2019 became the longest-serving MI6 Chief in 50 years.



The Official Insurance Innovators After Party! 

After the final session on Day 1 | 15 November

Join us at the Official Insurance Innovators After Party! Carry on the conversation into the evening and make those all important connections.

We will have live music and entertainers, fantastic cocktails, draft beer, multiple food stations and SO MUCH MORE!

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Here’s what CEOs have to say about Insurance Innovators Summit…

Tim Bailey, Zurich | Insurance Innovators speaker

“An excellent event: great networking, content and speakers”


Tim Bailey, Chief Executive Officer, Zurich

“Innovation and collaboration are fundamental to the future success of the industry – Insurance Innovators Summit is a great platform to help achieve this”


Cristina Nestares, Chief Executive Officer, UK, Admiral


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Designed by the industry, for the industry – this is the insurance conference that puts insurer-led conversations front and center stage. Meet with a senior audience made up of over 55% insurers with 75% of attendees with job titles at C-level, President, Director, VP or Head of level. 

Thought-provoking content


Choose from 4 stages jampacked with cutting edge content, spotlighting the issues that matter NOW. Sharpen your strategy with take home insights from the CEOs of AXA Retail, Ageas, RSA, Zurich, esure, ManyPets, Tapoly and more!  

Networking & connections


Meet and connect with senior insurance leaders through:

  • Roundtables
  • 1-to-1 VIP meetings
  • Matchmaking app
  • Our iconic Insurance Innovators After Party!

Who attends

Check out who will be at this year’s insurance conference.

Grid of companies who attend our insurance conference

Discuss the most critical issues facing the industry today

Take a look at the hot topics at this year’s insurance conference.

Navigating new risks

Stay ahead of emerging threats and opportunities, with insights from Sir Alex Younger, former Chief of MI6, and the CEOs of the world’s biggest insurance brands.

Next-generation pricing

Step into the innovation lab and discover case studies on parametric insurance, cyber coverage and solutions for the sharing economy with disruptors from Wolt, Tapoly and Kita.

Disruptions in distribution

Track the evolution of embedded insurance and the rise of superapps with pioneers Wakam and Revolut, while hearing how the industry’s leading CMOs are preparing for a new era of contextual marketing.

Gamification & value-added services

Join the Founders of Yulife and Locket to harness the power of value-added services and gamification, lock in loyalty and influence customer behaviour.

Web3 & the metaverse continuum

Unlock the power of DARQ technologies, immerse yourself in the metaverse and keep track of evolution of ownership and risk, with visionaries from Superscript and Ethereum.

The future of auto insurance

What will the new era of mobility mean for relationships between OEMs and insurers? Deep dive into the connected car revolution, from electric to autonomous vehicles with Flock, By Miles and AI-pioneer Abacai.


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Day 1

Day 2

Session One | The CEO Forum

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Secrets of a unicorn | wefox 

Uncovering what it takes to join the $1-billion club 

Laura Eschricht

Chief Strategy Officer

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Building an insurance fit for the future: lessons from Generali 

Bruno Scaroni | Speaker
Bruno Scaroni

Chief Transformation Officer

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Keynote address 

Reimagining insurance in unprecedented times 

Ken Norgrove

Chief Executive Officer

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The Leaders’ Forum 

Defining your roadmap for 2024 and beyond 

  • Navigating a ‘polycrisis’: how can insurers build macro-resilience? 
  • Focusing investment: prioritising between cost transformation and growth opportunities 
  • Taking customer focus to the next stage: where does the main scope for improvement lie? 
  • How have attitudes to life and protection evolved as a result of Covid-19?  
  • Reducing risk across society: what more could insurers do? How will technology help?  
  • Ecosystems and the platform economy: how will they further transform insurance and how quickly? 
  • Envisioning the impact of Web3: what will the future of insurance look like? 
  • Solvency UK: how will this reshape insurance investment and the European insurance landscape? 
  • M&A and divestment trends: how is the market set to change and why? 

Anna Fleming, AXA Photo
Anna Fleming

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Tim Bailey, Zurich Photo
Tim Bailey

Chief Executive Officer

Ant Middle
Ant Middle

Chief Executive Officer

David Mcmillan

Chief Executive Officer

David Morse
David Morse

Chief Commercial Officer
Cambridge Mobile Telematics

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Networking Break

Session Two

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Stage 1 | The open API economy 1
North Stage | The innovation-ready insurer 2
Stage 2 | Navigating a new pricing landscape 3
Stage 3 | Fighting digital fraud 4

Stage 1 | The open API economy

Keynote address 

Envisioning the future of the insurer as a platform provider  

Frank Verkerk

Group Chief Platform Officer

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Panel Discussion   

Predicting the evolution of embedded insurance 

  • In what timeframe will embedded insurance become the dominant form of distribution? 
  • In which lines will embedded insurance grow the fastest?  
  • What will prove the catalyst for embedded sales to extend beyond P&C?  
  • How soon will we see complex products embedded? 
  • What will the most successful embedded insurance partnerships look like? 
  • How will embedded insurance enhance the customer proposition? 
  • Will we see the rise of standardised APIs? 
  • More choice? More competition? Could embedded aggregators be the future?   

Franck Pivert

VP Revenue

Jeroen Bartelse


Mike Whitchurch - DXC
Michael Whitchurch

Head of Sales for Insurance, Software and BPS
DXC Technology

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Panel discussion  

Unlocking the embedded insurance opportunity: defining the prerequisites of success  

  • Responding to the growth of embedded insurance: what does it take to be a good partner? 
  • How can incumbent carriers catch up with the strides made by new entrants in the embedded insurance space?  
  • What lessons can be learned from pioneers in Buy Now Pay Later? 
  • Meeting the technology challenge: how will insurers need to prepare beyond open APIs? 
  • How fundamental is headless architecture to the future of embedded insurance? 

Yannis Korgialos, Ticker | Insurance Innovators Festival speaker
Yannis Korgialos

Chief Operating Officer

Clemens Dietrich, Head of ACM B2B2C, Allianz Partners
Clemens Dietrich

Head of ACM B2B2C
Allianz Partners

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North Stage | The innovation-ready insurer

Keynote address 

Identifying Innovation opportunities

Magdalena Sarasola

Insuretech Innovation Leader, Senior Director
Willis Towers Watson

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Fireside Chat  

The rise of low-code, no-code: grasping the opportunities and managing the risks 

  • How quickly can low-code, no-code be introduced and how great is the impact on agility? 
  • To what extent is low-code, no-code the silver bullet to addressing the IT skills gap? 
  • Flexibility versus control: where does the right balance lie? 
  • Avoiding ‘spaghetti architecture’ and ‘shadow IT’: what management and precautions are required? 
  • Security and compliance: how to avoid the pitfalls and mitigate the risks 

Speaker placeholder
Jacob Spönemann

Managing Director

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Panel discussion 

Making innovation agile  

  • Scrum, Kanban, Agile: latest thinking in project management 
  • Supporting collaborative innovation: where can technology help? 
  • Promoting intrapreneurship: what are the changes required? 
  • Creating a systems architecture that promotes agility: understanding the key ingredients  
  • To what extent is low-code, no-code essential to agile innovation?   
  • Adaptive development: the pros, the cons and the key success factors 
  • From AI modelling to digital twins: how is new technology enabling faster testing? 
  • Failing fast: what does this involve in practice? 

Ben Luckett

Chief Innovation Officer

Danilo Raponi
Danilo Raponi

Group Head of Innovation

Mark Budd, Zurich
Mark Budd

Head of Innovation

Bessem Ayari

Head of Innovation, Strategy & Scouting

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Stage 2 | Navigating a new pricing landscape

Keynote address 

One year on: lessons learnt from the UK pricing reforms 

Charlotte Wightwick

Assistant Director, Head of Conduct Regulation
Association of British Insurers

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Fireside chat  

Towards fairer and transparent pricing: the role of ‘explainable AI’  

  • What are the primary driving forces behind a need for explainable AI (XAI) in pricing?  
  • How likely are regulators to require XAI as they move to clamp down on price walking?  
  • How can insurers reconcile greater pricing sophistication with explainability?  
  • XAI in dynamic pricing: where do the opportunities lie?  
  • Will explainability in UBI become a competitive differentiator? Or could too much transparency in pricing give away competitive edge?  
  • How can XAI empower actuaries to adapt more quickly when exposed to novel environments? 

Andy Cooper

Director of Pricing

Danny Hoskin
Danny Hoskin

Principal Data Scientist for Artificial Intelligence

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Case study  

‘Pay-how-you’: from concept to reality  

Hedi Mardisoo, Cachet
Hedi Mardisoo

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Panel discussion 

Taking usage-based pricing to the next stage  

  • How are consumer attitudes to UBI changing? What impact could the cost-of-living crisis have? 
  • What will ultimately be the driving force for customers to share their data with insurers?     
  • How is IoT and wearable proliferation changing the economics of UBI for insurers?   
  • On demand insurance: to what extent is this a growing market? 
  • How can “pay-as-you” and “pay-how-you” be combined to deliver a truly customer-centric product?   
  • Shifting from static to dynamic pricing: can this approach extend beyond P&C?  
  • Maintaining a robust risk pool: how can insurers leverage dynamic pricing while protecting higher-risk customers?  
  • Meeting the challenge of dynamic pricing: what must insurers do to prepare? 

Christian Kortebein

Chief Pricing Actuary
Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty

Maddy Howlett

Chief Commercial Officer
By Miles

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Stage 3 | Fighting digital fraud

Keynote address 

A quantum leap? The future of fraud and counter-fraud

Speaker placeholder
Stephen Harwood

University of Edinburgh

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Fireside chat  

Authenticating the digital customer 

  • Meeting the CX challenge: what level of friction will customers tolerate?  
  • How could advanced AI such as ChatGPT power smoother automated identity verification?   
  • The days of passwords are over: what are the latest developments for digital IDs?     
  • Voice, face, touch: how are biometrics and behaviometrics evolving?    
  • Human-in-the-loop AI: operationalising fraud detection with the human touch 
  • The benefits of obstruction: where can positive friction add value to the customer journey?   
  • A flexible fraud approach: how can fraud checks be tailored to varying risk profiles and climates?     
  • From banking to gaming: what lessons can insurers learn from other industries?   

Fernando Leon de Santos, AXA
Fernando León de Santos

Head of Fraud, Spain

Adele Sumner. RSA | Counter Fraud 2019 | Insurance Innovators
Adele Sumner

Head of Counter Fraud and Financial Crime

Martyn Griffiths

Sales Manager UK

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Panel Discussion 

New threats, new solutions: digitalisation and the evolution of fraud 

  • From deep fakes to phishing scams: unpacking the digital fraudster’s toolkit 
  • Addressing the problem of fake IDs: what are the latest advances?   
  • A picture is worth a thousand data points: how can image forensics be deployed at scale?   
  • Geospatial data and satellite imagery: how will alternative data sources strengthen fraud detection?   
  • Predictive modelling, text mining, NLP: transforming a data deluge into loss mitigation    
  • Fraud in the DeFi ecosystem: countering new vulnerabilities 
  • Towards test-and-learn: introducing fast-cycle, agile fraud controls  

Clare Lunn
Clare Lunn

Group Head of Fraud

Ben Fletcher
Ben Fletcher

Director of Financial Crime

Fredrik Thuring

Head of Operational Analytics

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Session Three

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Stage 1 | Data, AI and Analytics 1
North Stage | The innovation lab 2
Stage 2 | Web3 and the metaverse continuum 3
Stage 3 | Claims 4

Stage 1 | Data, AI and Analytics

Keynote address 

The EU AI Act 

Michael Charles Borrelli-AI and Partners - Insurance Innovators Speaker
Michael Charles Borrelli

AI and Partners

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Advisory session  

Making the data analytics dream a reality  

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Fireside chat 

Data optimisation 

  • Creating a robust data strategy: how is the bar for success moving? 
  • From connected devices to metadata: where will future data opportunities lie?  
  • What capabilities are necessary to turn real-time data be into real-time insights?  
  • How can the true power of unstructured data be realised?   
  • Sourcing, cleaning, integrating: how can data quality be optimised for advanced analytics?   
  • From flexibility to security: what are the key considerations when deciding the right cloud model? 
  • Data governance in a multi-cloud world: managing the challenges and grasping the opportunities 

Kanika Chaganty

Chief People Officer
Brit Insurance

Filippo Della Casa | Speaker
Filippo Della Casa

Head of Data Science

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Panel discussion 

AI-driven analytics: unleashing the potential  

  • From fraud detection to real-time risk mitigation: where is AI-driven analytics showing the best ROI?  
  • Real time analytics: transforming a data deluge into actionable insights 
  • Speed at scale: what are the benefits and risks of cloud-driven analytics for insurers?   
  • Prescriptive analytics: how can insurers optimise real-time analytics at scale?   
  • How could synthetic data development and validation techniques help to mitigate ML bias?   
  • What are the relative benefits of ML overlays versus training methods?   
  • Breaking the black box: what steps are integral to creating explainable AI?   
  • Ethical AI: how can ethical standards be maintained while retaining efficacy?    
  • Quantum computing: how can insurers unlock true AI and analytics sophistication? 

Marcin Detyniecki

Group Chief Data Scientist

Speaker placeholder
Sher Teng

Head of Data Products

Victor Thoma | Speaker
Victor Thoma

Head of Process Mining

Matthew O'Kane

Partner, Data & AI

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North Stage | The innovation lab

Insuring the complex risks from AI | ARK

Dan White

Chief Executive Officer

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Autonomous vehicles: meeting the insurance challenge | Apollo Ilbott 

Chris Moore
Christopher Moore

Head of Apollo ibott 1971

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Bridging the Gap: Redefining Insurance in the Web2 to Web3 Transition | Uno Re

Jaskanwar Singh
Jaskanwar Singh


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Carbon insurance for the climate crisis | Kita  

Natalia Dorfman

Chief Executive Officer

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Connected insurance for the gig economy | Wolt 

Garrett Olson

Global Head of Insurance and Risk Management,

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Stage 2 | Web3 and the metaverse continuum

Keynote address 

What does the future hold for the metaverse and virtual reality? 

Frank Desvignes

Head of Open Innovation
AXA Next

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Fireside chat  

Unlocking the power of DARQ technologies  

  • Entering the DARQ age: how can insurers ready themselves for the next stage of technology?   
  • Distributed ledger technology: what are the transformation opportunities?  
  • AR and VR: how can they be most successfully deployed?  
  • Extended reality: how could real and virtual worlds be combined?  
  • Towards AI maturity: what are the next steps?  
  • How will quantum computing unleash the full potential of data? What will this mean for insurers? 
  • In what timeline will DARQ technologies be combined to reach their full joint potential?  

Evangelos Avramakis, Swiss Re
Evangelos Avramakis

Head of Digital Ecosystems R&D
Swiss Re

Emanuele Colonnella
Emanuele Colonnella

Innovation Lead

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Panel discussion 

How will Web3 and DeFi reinvent insurance?  

Outline format tbc (Hear from x on how the industry with y before your questions are put to the panel).  

  • Defining Web3: what is it and what does it mean for insurance?   
  • What novel distribution avenues will decentralised platforms enable? How can these be unleashed at scale?  
  • A sober look at DAOs: the implications and the risks 
  • The evolution in smart contracts: what new products will be made viable? 
  • Where could distributed ledger technology build transparency and trust? 
  • Tokens, oracles, smart contracts: how will Web3 transform claims? 
  • Could open-source blockchain be the magic bullet in fraud prevention?  
  • Reducing gas fee volatility: to what extent is the energy efficiency potential of proof of stake and ZK-protocols the answer? 
  • P2P models and DAOs: the business structures of the future? 

Christoph Mussenbrock, CEO, Etherisc
Christoph Mussenbrock

Chief Executive Officer

Ben Davis
Ben Davis

Team Leader – Digital Assets

Sebastian Banescu | Speaker
Sebastian Banescu

Chief Executive Officer

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Stage 3 | Claims

Keynote address 

Unleashing the power of generative AI in claims handling 

Ian Thompson, Zurich
Ian Thompson

Group Chief Claims Officer

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Fireside chat  

Next-stage claims automation 

  • To what extent are low – and no-touch claims the future across insurance lines? 
  • In what timeframe will empathetic AI become a reality? 
  • What steps are key to creating ‘human in the loop’ process design? 
  • Automating complex claims: pipedream or possibility?  
  • The ultimate in touchless claims: unlocking the powerful combination of IoT, smart contracts and blockchain 
  • How can insurers ensure maximum ROI from claims automation? 

James Russell, Head of Claims Transformation, Esure
James Russell

Head of Claims Transformation
esure group

Niamh McConnville, Head of Claims Operations, Generali
Niamh McConnville

Head of Claims Operations

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Panel discussion 

Claims Directors’ Forum  

  • Balancing speed with fraud prevention: how can insurers continue to safely streamline claims? 
  • How can data ecosystems be leveraged to deliver greater convenience for the customer? 
  • The sky’s the limit? What new data opportunities will advances in drone technology create? 
  • What impact will the rise of predict and prevent have on fraud and claims?  
  • How will the role of the claims handler change as a result? 
  • From ‘repair’ to ‘replace’: what will a sophisticated approach to green claims look like? 
  • Understanding the cost of greenwashing in claims: what is at stake?  

Jeremy Trott, Ecclesiastical Insusurance
Jeremy Trott

Claims Director
Ecclesiastical Insurance

Dean Witherington, Retail Claims Director, AXA
Dean Witherington

Retail Claims Director

James Nicholson

Chief Claims Officer

Dave Thompson, Tesco Underwriting
Dave Thompson

Claims Director
Tesco Underwriting

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Session Four

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Stage 1 | Innovators of tomorrow 1
Stage 2 | The changing face of distribution 2
Stage 3 | Innovations in underwriting 3

Stage 1 | Innovators of tomorrow

Secrets of a unicorn | ManyPets   

Uncovering what it takes to join the $1-billion club 

Oke Eleazu

Chief Executive Officer

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Panel discussion 

Insurtech disruption: where next? 

  • From series A to C: what will be the implications of the changing macroeconomic climate?  
  • What are the insurtech propositions that will thrive? 
  • Disruptive player v technology provider: what is the future of insurtech?  
  • How are insurtech attitudes to incumbents changing and what does this mean for the future of partnerships? 
  • How will new technologies unleash new opportunities for insurtechs?  
  • Anticipating future insurtech disruption: which areas of insurance will be transformed next?  

Lisa Wardlaw

President & Founder
360 Digital Immersion

Iryna Chekanava, Senior Manager Innovation & Partnerships, Lloyd’s of London
Iryna Chekanava

Senior Manager Innovation & Partnerships

Auditee Dutt - Travelers - Insurance Innovators Speaker
Auditee Dutt

Innovation Practice Lead

Graham Gordon

Product Marketing and Strategy Director

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Visions for the future | Startup Sherpas pitches 

Join the Startup Sherpas as they empower 100 visionary teenagers to dive into the dynamic world of insurance! Witness these young trailblazers pioneer innovative solutions for emerging risks, tackle the talent crisis, and shape the industry’s future. 

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Stage 2 | The changing face of distribution

Keynote address 

Preparing for the future of distribution 

Bob James

Chief Operations Officer

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Fireside chat

Entering a new era of contextual marketing  

  • A ‘cookiepocalypse’? How is the third-party cookie crackdown set to evolve?    
  • From behavioural to contextual targeting: how will marketing strategies need to adapt?   
  • Ensuring contextual offers are value-adding: how can insurers strike the balance between helpful and intrusive? 
  • The rise of user-initiated AI: how will marketing need to be optimised for voice search? 
  • From TikTok to Instagram: how can insurers most effectively engage customers on image and video-based platforms? 
  • Embracing mixed reality: understanding how to integrate AR and VR into the marketer’s toolkit 
  • What opportunities will the metaverse hold for the future of immersive, contextual marketing?  
  • Growing first-party data: what works? To what extent are value-added services the solution?  

Justin Jacobs, SVP, IMA Financial Group
Justin Jacobs

IMA Financial Group

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Panel discussion 

Changing channels: keeping pace with customer behaviour 

  • Planning a channel strategy: anticipating where customer behaviours will take us next  
  • Taking complex products D2C: what are the hurdles and how can they be overcome?  
  • Engaging Generation Now: how can insurers ride the wave of social and contextual commerce?  
  • In what timeframe, if ever, will Europe see the equivalent of the Asian super-apps?  
  • Voice as a channel: what might be the catalyst for faster uptake? Could generative AI be the answer? 
  • Next-gen insurance apps: what will the gold standard look like? 
  • From VR to the metaverse: what are the short and long- term distribution opportunities?  
  • What should channel priorities now be? What’s the right balance between channel of choice and quality of experience? 
  • Creating a frictionless journey across multiple channels: how are new technologies making this a more accessible reality? 

Ed Halsey
Ed Halsey

Chief Operating Officer

Lydie Hippon-Darde

Head of Strategy, Innovation and Customer Experience
Allianz Partners

Elliot Gradwell

Commercial Director

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Stage 3 | Innovations in underwriting

Keynote address 

Innovation and efficiency in underwriting 

Silvi Wompa Sinclair
Silvi Wompa Sinclair

Group Head of Portfolio Underwriting
Swiss Re

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Keynote address 

Driving health & wellness: innovation for women’s cancer

Richard Leftley

Chief Entrepreneur in Residence

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Underwriting Leaders’ Forum  

The next generation of underwriting  

  • How can data analytics be optimised to navigate an uncertain risk landscape? 
  • What role could new and alternative data sources play? 
  • Cyber, crypto, climate: how should insurers prepare for new risks? 
  • Underwriting complex emerging risks: to what extent is greater use of MGAs the answer?  
  • From UBI to parametric: how will underwriting need to pivot?  
  • Which new technologies will reduce the risk of adverse selection?  
  • Redefining the role of the underwriter: what skills will underwriters require?  

Beat Stalder, Helvetica
Beat Stalder

Group Chief Underwriting Officer

Nick Hankin

Chief Underwriting Officer

Karl Gray

Chief Underwriting Officer, UK and Europe

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After Party

Session Five | Insurance in a digital age

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Opening remarks 

Juliette Foster

Magnus Communications

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Keynote address 

Secrets from a former spy: levelling up on cybersecurity  

Alex Younger, MI6 Photo
Sir Alex Younger

Former Chief

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Keynote address  

Building a Tech and Data approach for the Insurance business of tomorrow 

Alexander Vollert | Speaker
Alexander Vollert

Group Chief Operating Officer & Chief Executive Officer
AXA Group

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Keynote address  

Entering a new age: the rise of AI  

Mark Klein, Ergo
Mark Klein

Chief Digital Officer

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Keynote address 

Towards the first European superapp – One app: all things money 

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Fireside chat   
Revolutionising legacy systems with generative AI 
  • From legacy systems to digital transformation: how far along the journey are we? 
  • To what extent do legacy systems still play a role in insurance? 
  • From AI to automation: how is technology enabling business transformation? 
  • How is generative AI set to transform insurance? 
  • Does the advent of generative AI signal a new dawn for operations? 

Teo Blidarus

CEO & Co-Founder
Fintech OS

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Leaders’ forum   

New paradigm in customer relationships: addressing the intermediation challenge  

  • eCommerce giants, OEMs, superapps: how will the insurer-customer relationship be intermediated?  
  • How soon will superapps advance beyond Asia? What are the implications? 
  • Personal ownership of data in the EU: how will this affect the power of different players?  
  • Becoming a partner for life: are value-added services the key to navigating the intermediation threat? 
  • Towards more frequent engagement with customers: how will insurers need to prepare? 
  • Meeting customers where they are: embracing the rise of embedded insurance 
  • Embed or orchestrate: should insurers aim to enter or create ecosystems? 
  • Amazon-ification: how can insurers keep pace with changing customer expectations?  

Steven Zuanella, Generali | Insurance Innovators
Steven Zuanella

Group Chief Digital Officer

Krisztian Kurtisz

Chief Retail and Digital Officer

Tarun Kohli
Tarun Kohli

Managing Director, Swiss Re Group & Chairman, Swiss Re Solutions AG
Swiss Re

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Session Six

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Stage 1 | Championing the customer 1
North Stage | Value-added services and gamification 2
Stage 2 | Operational optimisation 3
Stage 3 | Workforce 4

Stage 1 | Championing the customer

Keynote address 

Raising the stakes: the FCA’s new consumer duty  

Speaker image placeholder | Insurance Innovators
Matt Brewis

Director of Insurance

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Panel discussion 

Putting customer needs first 

  • Championing the customer’s best interests: how can insurers ensure positive customer outcomes across the lifecycle? 
  • Small change or fundamental rethink? Understanding the scale of the UK Consumer Duty reforms 
  • Maintaining high standards for closed book customers: what are the unique challenges?  
  • What are the tools required to put customer insights and feedback at the heart of product and service design?   
  • Delivering fair value: how do approaches to pricing need to change? 
  • Helping customers make good decisions: the role of positive friction  
  • Ensuring excellent advice: the role of technology in customer understanding  
  • Identifying and supporting vulnerable customers: what data capabilities are required?  
  • How can processes for good customer outcomes be performed at speed?  

Faith Galiwango

Head of Customer Experience
By Miles

Clairy Moraitou, Zurich
Clairy Moraitou

Global Head of Customer Insights and Analytics

Lieke Luttmer

Chief Customer & Commerce Officer
NN Group

Speaker image placeholder | Insurance Innovators
Vicki Leech

Senior Customer Experience Manager
Covéa Insurance

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Leveraging digital IDs for a seamless and secure customer journey 

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Fireside chat  

Understanding customer needs: unlocking deeper and better insights 

  • Where can data optimisation strengthen the end-to-end customer journey in analytics? 
  • A comprehensive view of the customer: where do the pitfalls currently lie? 
  • From conversational AI to connected devices: how will new technologies enhance customer comprehension?  
  • A data trade that works: what kinds of insights will incentivise customer data-sharing? 
  • Where can predictive analytics offer value for the customer? 
  • How can analytics be leveraged to deliver a comprehensive understanding of customer channel preferences? 
  • Customer segmentation or customer exclusion: the opportunities and risks of data-driven hyperpersonalisation 
  • Towards a truly contextual insurance: imagining the next stage of personalisation   

Richard Pash

Chief Customer Officer UK

Nick Smith, Aviva
Nick Smith

Head of Customer Strategy

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North Stage | Value-added services and gamification

Keynote address 

Influencing customer behaviour: unlocking the power of wearables and gamification 

Sam Fromson
Sam Fromson

Co-Founder & COO

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Keynote address   

Matteo Carbone

Founder & Director
IoT Insurance Observatory

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Panel discussion

Influencing behaviour with value-added services

  • From utility provider to life-time partner: how is the role of the insurer evolving?  
  • Fitbits, telemedicine, apps: how are value-added services accelerating the move to risk mitigation?      
  • IoT analytics: what is the key to converting raw data into intelligent insights?   
  • The next generation of analytics: how can ML capabilities enable a step change from tracking to influencing behaviour?  
  • In what timeline could value-added services become agents of behavioural change? 

Krystian Zajac, CEO, Locket Insure
Krystian Zajac

Chief Executive Officer

Speaker image placeholder | Insurance Innovators
Dave Jones

Director of Product and Propositions - Europe

Alex Whitehead - SO-SURE - Insurance Innovators Speaker
Alex Whitehead

Head of Insurance

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Panel discussion  

Insurance reinvented: the move to predict and prevent 

  • Loyalty, engagement, trust: how could the move to predict and prevent revolutionise the insurer-customer relationship?      
  • Which value-added services will be integral to driving proactive risk mitigation moving forward?   
  • From life to P&C: What novel predict and prevent opportunities will arise as analytics and IoT evolve?   
  • The data challenge: what will prove the catalyst for customers to share their data with insurers?    
  • How can data best be stored, integrated and visible whilst maintaining security and compliance?  
  • In what timeframe, if ever, will predict and prevent become the core product?

Ashok Krishnan
Ashok Krishnan

Global Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Jessica Cheng
Jessica Cheng

Head of Partner Success, Munich
Plug and Play

Speaker image placeholder | Insurance Innovators
Lee Sturgeon

UK Client Director, Connected Living

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Stage 2 | Operational optimisation

Keynote address 

Defining your digital strategy

Simon Phipps

The Digital Insurer

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Case study  

Insurance transformation: operational efficiency and CX acceleration 

Seweryn Bak

Business Development Director

Mustafa Choucair

Business Development Manager

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Fireside chat 

Next-stage automation: the optimisation opportunity  

  • What are the principal areas in which digital technologies can streamline processes 
  • How can AI and RPA be leveraged to boost human productivity?  
  • The evolution of the chatbot: to what extent is generative AI set to transform natural language interfaces? 
  • Accelerating STP and end-to-end automation: how can the barriers be overcome?  
  • Making the business case: assessing time to and scale of ROI 

Tjerrie Smit

Chief Analytics Officer
NN Group

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Panel discussion  

Digital transformation: where do we go from here?  

  • Building a digital transformation strategy: where are the new battle grounds?  
  • Ensuring value from investment: what are the key metrics on which insurers should now focus?    
  • Agility as a route to cost efficiency: where are new technologies opening up opportunities?   
  • Overcoming legacy: how has the thinking evolved? 
  • What is headless architecture and is it right for insurers? 
  • What is the potential for outsourcing and ‘-as-a-service’ models to secure transformation in the face of rising capital costs?   
  • Blockchain and quantum computing: what investment is needed to, if not lead, then at least follow nimbly? 

Yann Domenech
Yann Domenech

Head of Digital Solutions

Simon Phipps

The Digital Insurer

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Stage 3 | Workforce

Keynote address  

Attracting and retaining the future workforce 

David Jones

Global Head of Talent Management

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Fireside chat  

Talent at a turning point: harnessing the potential of people analytics    

  • How can insurers leverage people analytics to drive business outcomes and ROI?   
  • Performance, productivity, collaboration: how might people analytics drive operational effectiveness? 
  • HR analytics: the key to closing the IT skills gap in insurance?     
  • Countering the Great Attrition: how can insurers leverage analytics to bolster retention? 
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion analytics: understanding what and how to measure    
  • Asking the right questions: how to optimise data collection for an intelligent and empowered HR 
  • From siloed data to privacy concerns: what must insurers do to overcome challenges and maximize the benefits of people data?   

Georgina Farrell

Chief People Officer

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Panel discussion 

Human-machine collaboration: the future of the insurance workforce   

  • Augmenting not replacing: in what context can AI best empower the human workforce?   
  • To what extent is an equal investment in people, data and AI the secret to success? 
  • Empathy vs efficiency: where does AI fall short and where does the human touch still add value?   
  • Beyond customer service support: how can augmented intelligence enhance strategic decisioning?   
  • To what extent is staff buy-in integral to deploying automation at-scale?   
  • Upskilling and reskilling: what steps need to be taken to arm the human workforce with AI fluency?   
  • Managing a combined human and robotic workforce: what are the challenges and how can they be overcome? 

Asko Mustonen, IF P&C Insurance
Asko Mustonen

Head of Robotics
If P&C Insurance

Chris Pearce

Head of Data Science

Kornelia Papp

Head of Intelligent Automation

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Session Seven

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Stage 1 | The future of motor insurance 1
Stage 2 | Green economy 2
Stage 3 | The Innovation Lab 3

Stage 1 | The future of motor insurance

Keynote address  

Connected insurance for EVs and cars-as-a-service 

Ed Leon Klinger
Ed Leon Klinger

Chief Executive Officer

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Panel discussion  

At the crossroads: what will a new era of mobility mean for insurers?  

  • Connected, embedded, subscribed: what will the motor market look like in 2030?   
  • The rise of UBI: keeping pace with post-COVID patterns in driving and ownership  
  • Multimodal products: how should insurers respond to changing mobility patterns?   
  • The rise of EVs: how quickly will the market accelerate and what are the considerations for insurers?  
  • Autonomous and driverless vehicles: navigating the risks 
  • Cars-as-a-service: how should insurers respond?  
  • Partner or competitor: what are the implications of OEM data ownership? 
  • How can insurers position themselves to come out ahead in the OEM partner race? 

Speaker image placeholder | Insurance Innovators
Tom Clarke

Chief EV Officer

Steven Williams

Head of EV Strategy
Direct Line

Fernando Comengo Fuentes

Global Head of Mobility
Allianz Partners

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Stage 2 | Green economy

Keynote address 

Making an impact: supporting the green economy  

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Keynote address 

Enabling the energy transition: the role of underwriting and portfolio management 

Michael Gregory

Head of Underwriting Strategy & Delivery

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Panel discussion  

Insuring the green economy: understanding and capturing the opportunity  

  • What role can insurance play in facilitating the development of green businesses?  
  • Understanding the scale of the green energy opportunity and the prerequisites of success 
  • Supporting low-carbon technologies: how will product innovation need to pivot?  
  • What role can insurers play in supporting the voluntary carbon market?  
  • Accessing green understanding and skills: the challenges and the solutions 
  • Overcoming a lack of historic risk data: to what extent is parametric insurance the solution? 
  • Delivering parametric insurance at scale: what are the technology requirements?  

Natalia Dorfman

Chief Executive Officer

Roman Beilhack

Global Head of Green Technologies
Munich Re

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Stage 3 | The Innovation Lab

Solutions for the sharing economy | OTT Risk  

Matthew James

Head of Business Development
OTT Risk

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Insurance on tap’: on demand insurance for SMEs| Tapoly 

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy, Tapoly
Janthana Kaenprakhamroy

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

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‘Insuring the uninsurable’: Revolutionising life insurance for chronic illnesses | Bluezone  

Dr Karan Mehta

Chief Executive Officer

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Life, retirement and employee benefits: the next frontier of insurtech disruption 

Ori Ben-Yishai, Partner at Viewpoint Ventures
Ori Ben-Yishai

Viewpoint Ventures

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D2C, digital life insurance | Life5 

Guillermo Alen Iglesias

Chief Executive Officer

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End of Day 2

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