Generative AI: the silver bullet in legacy modernization?

Grasping opportunities and navigating risks in the race to modernize

22 February | 12pm EST | Online

In today’s climate insurers need more flexibility and agility than ever in their IT infrastructure, so it’s no surprise that many are looking toward legacy modernization as the answer. But with so many paths to choose from in the journey to legacy modernization, could generative AI emerge as the key to success?

Join this roundtable discussion to hear how generative AI can unleash new opportunities for insurers and maximize the potential of legacy in the modernization process. Gain insights from fellow industry-leading participants as they share thoughts on how generative AI can be responsibly deployed at scale.

What we will discuss


How Gen AI can unleash new opportunities for legacy modernization


Where the most exciting operational applications of GenAI lie and how they should be prioritised


The governance and data frameworks that will be required to deploy GenAI responsibly and at scale

The Customer Revolution In-person Roundtable


22 February | 12pm EST
75 minutes

Welcome and participant introductions


Roundtable Discussion

  • To what extent could Gen AI speed up legacy modernization and digital transformation?

  • Unlocking the maximum potential from legacy: what financial and technical hurdles could Gen AI overcome?

  • From identifying bottlenecks to modifying older code: where do the most exciting modernization use cases lie?

  • What role could Gen AI play in facilitating cloud migration and how can insurers prepare?

  • From low-hanging fruit to tackling applications in core systems: how should deployment of Gen AI be prioritised?

  • Deploying Gen AI responsibly at scale: what governance, skills and data frameworks are required?

  • Overcoming inertia: how can IT leaders win stakeholder buy-in and demonstrate ROI?

Closing remarks

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