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The future of the claims department

Insurance disrupted: flexing to meet the changing needs of the claims department

The rise of remote assessment and digital self-service has seen traditional claims processes overhauled. Looking to the next decade, the claims department is set to undergo further change, as an investment in automation continues to accelerate, customers increasingly demand a more pre-emptive insurance model, and fraud becomes more sophisticated and creative. 

This webinar brings together three senior figures from carriers to discuss the steps that claim departments need to take in order to succeed.

• What new trends and technologies have emerged as a result of the pandemic? How have claims department had to adapt?
• The rise of remote-assessment: how has the pandemic normalized digital claims handling?
• Keeping pace with customer expectations and an increasingly complex fraud landscape: what new skill sets do claims departments need?
• Charting the trends towards hyper-personalization and prevention: how is the role of the claims department fundamentally changing?
• Leading with empathy: what steps need to be taken to deliver next level CX in claims and how can technology help?
• What does the move to a predict and prevent model mean for the future of claims departments and claims handlers?
• Preparing for the bionic claims department: what will the hybrid workforce look like? In what timeframe can we expect to see these change?
• Automation elevating claims handlers to more complex tasks: what skills and training will be needed to help employees adapt?
• From technological to interpersonal skills: how can claims teams attract, develop and retain the top talent in the digital age?


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Insurance Innovators TV Webinars



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