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Supercharging data strategy: building smarter insurance in the age of information

Mastering the ability to leverage and exploit data to your advantage





In this panel discussion, you will hear from 4 senior industry experts as they take a practical look at how insurers can supercharge their data management strategy to secure ROI and ultimately drive long-lasting competitive advantage

From industrialising analytics and capitalising on alternative data sources, to securing internal buy-in and overcoming the problem of change fatigue, this discussion will provide you with the tools needed to tackle the data dilemma and come out on top.

The panel discusses:

  • From compliance to competitive advantage to cost cutting: recognising the business imperative of sorting your data strategy
  • Treating data as an asset: what does it mean to truly curate and commercially drive value from data?
  • Personalisation, deeper connections, new customer segments: how can customers be better served through enhanced data usage?
  • From IoT to social media: what types of alternative data are most valuable to insurers?
  • Taking analytics to the next level: how can insurers industrialise and scale analytics across the business?
  • What obstacles stand in the way of overhauling data strategy and enacting meaningful change? How can these be overcome?
  • Securing internal buy-in: how can insurers align the data agenda to wider business priorities?
  • The problem of change fatigue: what steps can be taken to energise the organisation and reframe how change is done?
  • A look to the future: to what extent will ‘open finance’ be revolutionary in the world of insurance? What does this mean for data departments?

Hear from the expert panel:

Tom Spencer, Head of Customer Science, Aviva

Will Iles, Head of Analytics and Data Science, MS Amlin

Raj Mukherjee, Chapter Area Lead for Data Analytics, Direct Line Group

Matt Hutchins, Partner – Head of Insurance, CAPCO

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Insurance Innovators TV Webinars



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