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Preparing for the next normal of work in insurance

Harnessing the capabilities of intelligent automation to build employee engagement and supercharge business growth





Hear from a panel of experts as they explore what the ‘next normal’ of work in insurance will look like, and how to build an agile workforce of tomorrow that is proactive to change, not just reactive to challenges.

The panel discusses:

  • New ways of working: how has the workplace changed post-COVID, and what’s likely to be permanent?
  • What are the main challenges of combining an office-based and remote workforce? How can insurers effectively manage a hybrid workforce?
  • To what extent has AI adoption accelerated over the last 12 months? What does this mean for human roles?
  • How can insurers harness the power of intelligent automation to supplement and enhance existing workforce capabilities and promote business growth?
  • Exploring enhanced agility in the workforce: what does this look like in practice?
  • How can insurers transform their organisation to one that is proactive to change, not reactive to challenges?
  • From culture to transparency: what more can insurers do to empower the workforce at all levels?
  • Enabling the workforce to deliver excellent services for customers: what role could automation play in improving services and consumer offerings?
  • What does the insurance workforce of tomorrow look like?

Hear from the expert panel:

Dan Fiehn, Group Chief Operating Officer, Markerstudy Insurance

Richard Beaven, Chief Operating Officer, Brightside Insurance Group

John Davison, Chief Information Officer, First Central Group

Hugh Pelling, Senior Account Director, Blue Prism

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Insurance Innovators TV Webinars



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