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Harnessing the power of IoT and analytics, for safer and smarter mobility

Over the last few years, we have seen companies, cities and countries move towards the mass digitalisation of their services and IoT is at the core of this. IoT has the ability to transform lives and fundamentally change the way we do business and these transformative qualities are gearing us towards both a safer and smarter mobility.


  • How important IoT is in transforming mobility and what sectors are really leading the way in this area
  • The potential of IoT to create great Customer and Employee experiences
  • Better business through improving efficiencies – how things such as route mapping, vehicle monitoring and maintenance can be transformed by IoT and analytics
  • How IoT solutions such as telematics can enable better Social Corporate Responsibility to protect both their employees and the environment
  • How IoT will help to manage new mobility scenarios such as the introduction of electric vehicles
  • Overcoming the perceived barriers to companies using IoT
  • The opportunities that IoT might open up, such as new business models in urban mobility and last-mile delivery
  • Business Transformation in the digital era – using IoT to navigate the complex world of big data and manage it safely
  • Forecasting the future – making the mobile workforce even more mobile

The Panel: 

Craig McNaughton, Corporate Director, Lex Autolease

Sam Clarke, Founder, Gnewt

Stephen Stead, Strategy and Digital Services Director, SSE

Ric Vicari, Head of Telematics Services Sales, Northern EMEA, Vodafone

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