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Insuring the green transition

In conversation with Mats Dahlquist, CEO, Trygg-Hansa & Bente Sverdrup, SVP Sustainability, Gjensidige



Published: 24 May 2023

By Gian Hayer

Digital Content Producer

In this episode, recorded on-site at Insurance Innovators Nordics we’ll be hearing from two insurance professionals on how insurers are responding to the green transition. Listen to our podcast below to hear insights from Mats Dahlquist and Bente Sverdrup on:

  • The opportunities that the green transition presents to insurers, and the keys to seizing these opportunities
  • How policymakers should act to further support a sustainable change
  • The prerequisites to success in winning market share among green energy businesses
  • Whether parametric insurance is the key to overcoming a lack of historic risk data concerning green energy risks
  • How differential pricing can be used for insurers to play a role in encouraging more sustainable behaviours among commercial customers and consumers?

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This week’s guests…


Mats Dahlquist

CEO, Trygg-Hansa

Bente Sverdrup

SVP Sustainability, Gjensidige

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