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Transforming where customer and employee experience intersect

Optimising the power of AI




This webinar, held in association with UiPath, brings together senior financial services and insurance experts from across Europe to explore how embracing automation and AI can support employees, increase customer intimacy and optimise operational efficiency, driving better experiences all around.


Andy Warren, Santander | Insurance Innovators

Andy Warren

Head of Customer Journey Design, Santander

Will Paskins, Zurich

Will Paskins

Head of Claims Digital Experience , Zurich Insurance Group

Sarune Galdikaite, Danske Bank | Insurance Innovators

Sarune Galdikaite

Head of Intelligent Automation, Danske Bank

Huw Williams, UiPath | Insurance Innovators

Huw Williams

Contact Centre Industry leader, UiPath

  • How is the industrialisation of automation and AI shaping customer strategies?
  • Aligning customer and employee experiences: to what extent is this the key to success?
  • From RPA to intelligent automation: how can new technologies support employees in supporting customers?
  • Re-think, re-skill, up-skill: how does the workforce need to culturally transform to deliver superb CX?
  • Enabling the human touch: how can intelligent automation enhance customer intimacy whilst optimising operating models?
  • Democratising CX transformation: should automation strategy be employee driven?
  • From a tactical to a strategic approach: how can intelligent automation enable organisations to fulfil the heightened expectations of customer service?
Insurance Innovators TV Webinars



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