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Bracing for claims inflation in 2023 and beyond

In conversation with:

Ian Thompson, Group Chief Claims Officer, Zurich
Robin Challand,
Business Development Advisor, Ageas
James Russell,
Head of Claims Transformation, esure



Published: 14 September 2023

By Gian Hayer

Digital Content Producer

In this episode, recorded on-site at Insurance Innovators Fraud & Claims, we’ll be hearing from three claims leaders on how insurers can brace for claims inflation in 2023 and beyond. Listen to our podcast below to hear insights from Ian ThompsonRobin Challand and James Russell on:
  • Where claims inflation is hitting the hardest, and why
  • Strategies to put the brakes on claims inflation in the motor space
  • How insurers can transform their claims processes to counteract the problem of rising prices

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This week’s guest…


Ian M Thompson | Speaker

Ian Thompson

Group Chief Claims Officer, Zurich

Robin Challand, Ageas

Robin Challand

Business Development Advisor, Ageas

James Russel - Head of Claims Transformation, esure

James Russell

Head of Claims Transformation, esure

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