Soaring claims costs and ever-increasing pressure on margins are making claims automation and transformation imperatives as never before.

Technology and AI will have a key role to play, but their implementation must be human-centric with regard to both employees and customers: an excellent claims process requires the optimisation of both human and digital intelligence.

This webinar will bring together leaders in claims, transformation and analytics to discuss strategies for streamlining end-to-end processes, operationalising AI, and optimising the employee and customer journey.

Attend to gain insights on:

  • Locating and resolving inefficiencies and employee pain points in the claims department
  • The implementation of intelligent automation within claims
  • Achieving customer and employee-centric transformation in line with changing expectations

  • Locating inefficiencies and employee pain-points: what more can insurers do?
  • Redesigning processes to optimise the human and the digital: the keys to success
  • Operationalising AI: moving beyond the lab to deliver true value for customers and employees
  • Augmenting human intelligence: what does it mean to truly empower employees with technology?
  • The role of chatbots in reducing the burden in claims contact centres and how STP can be achieved
  • Cost-efficient, empathetic, seamless: how are the roles of the human and digital shifting in designing excellent claims experiences?

Panellists include:

Samir Khan
Samir Khan
Technology Delivery Lead & Senior Technical Architect
Mike Essam
Mike Essam
Head of Express Claims
Zurich Insurance Group
Tom Helm
Tom Helm
Director, Claims Practice Leader
Chirag Jindal
Chirag Jindal
Global Insurance Product Lead

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