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Our webinars come in the form of a live broadcast TV panel discussion, either filmed in a professional studio or remotely, featuring cutting-edge content that is scripted, rehearsed and chaired by a highly experienced and skilled broadcast journalist.  

Insurance Innovators TV handles all the logistics for the webinar – from the creation of the content to the promotion of the event. Our extensive industry connections and ongoing research into the latest industry trends means that we are well positioned to produce content that cuts through the noise and results in quality leads and excellent brand exposure. 

The 1 hour live streamed panel discussion consists of: 

  • 45-minute discussion with scripted questions (answers not scripted) 
  • 15 minutes of audience questions (submitted either prior to the broadcast on registration or in the feed during the live broadcast) 
Insurance Innovators TV Webinars

Insurance Innovators TV uses its ongoing research into the latest insurance trends to source a topic for the webinar that will appeal to the interests of your target audience, while acting as a springboard to position you as the solution. All webinars are scripted so as to ensure that the speakers are well briefed and the discussion can remain sensitive to your objectives. 

Excellent Speakers

We source leading industry figures as panellists based on your targets, meaning that not only does your speaker share the panel with industry leaders, you also get to deepen relationships with potential prospects.

 All webinars feature a four-person panel consisting of:

• 1 moderator – professional broadcast journalist secured by us

• A minimum of 2 industry speakers – senior industry executives from within target market secured by us

• 1 sponsor speaker  


 Recent speakers have included: 

  • Head of CX, Covea Insurance
  • COO, AXA Group
  • Vice President, Zurich Insurance Group
  • Chief Operating Officer, Brightside Insurance
  • Chief Information Officer, First Central Group
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Claims Officer, Arch Insurance
  • Group Chief Operating Officer, Markerstudy Insurance
  • Chief Information Officer, Generali
  • Director of Innovation and Digital Business Engineering, Allstate

Webinar write-ups & transcripts

Insurance Innovators TV’s add-ons are an excellent way to nurture on demand campaigns for both webinars and virtual conference sessions alike. Pushed alongside the on-demand video, the option of an add-on offers audiences the chance to choose how they consume content; caters to those who are unable to watch, and gives audiences the chance to save thought leadership for a later date.  

• Expertly written by professional journalist / stenographer 

Professionally designed, featuring sponsor’s logo and profile 

• Gated and hosted on an evergreen microsite 

• Marketed as part of the on-demand campaign to boost lead generation 

Why a transcript? 

An alternative medium through which the audience can engage with your content, and a useful tool for future reference.                                                          

Why a write-up? 

Punchy overview of the content addressed, this piece of collateral is ideal for the follow-up campaign to further engage webinar viewers.

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“Insurance Innovators TV always delivers deep insight on the most pressing issues facing the insurance industry. We love working with MarketforceLIVE as they deliver great audiences and the organisation, planning and production quality are second to none!”

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