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Through a comprehensive package of projects, focused on meeting your marketing objectives, our mission is to help you make meaningful interactions with your prospects and grow your brand profile.

With a community of over 150,000 insurance contacts, there’s no better way to communicate with potential new insurance customers than through partnerships with Insurance Innovators. Whether you’re aiming to generate leads, demonstrate thought-leadership, meet senior insurers, or raise brand awareness in this space – our solutions can turbocharge your progress. Please contact us to find out how Insurance Innovators could help your business grow its presence in the insurance market.

Conference Partnership Opportunities

Insurance Innovators USA Thought Leadership

Thought leadership

From delivering a keynote presentation, or participating in a panel discussion or fireside chat alongside industry leaders, we have packages that will illustrate your expertise to participants and help position you as a market leader.
Insurance Innovators USA Brand Awareness

Brand awareness

Ensure the prominence of your brand with senior leaders in the insurance world with branding opportunities across our venue, our social channels, and our matchmaking app.
Insurance Innovators USA Lead Generation

Lead generation

Form lasting connections with experts and leaders from key industry players through our AI-driven matchmaking platform and 1-2-1 meetings, or by sponsoring a collaborative roundtable session.

Multiple Touchpoint Engagement

The most successful way to engage prospects is showing understanding of the issues important to them and connect with them through various digital channel. Along with virtual conference partnerships, we can also consult with you to build a long-term strategic integrated campaign consisting of multiple marketing activities that align with your business goals.

Filmed Webinar

Webinars are streamed live, and the recorded content is available on-demand. The content is high-end, timely, scripted and rehearsed. Plus a professional journalist will chair the discussion working to position you as the expert along a panel of fellow industry leaders. You will obtain your own video file to promote through your own channels to extend the content lifetime.

1000+ registrations | 45 minutes average viewing time | Over 40% opt-in success

Survey-Based Report

We survey hundreds of senior insurance executives to create an annual report that is downloaded by over 3000+ insurance industry professionals. 

By sponsoring, you have the opportunity to influence the narrative around a key issue and align your company to a renowned piece of literature. As well as obtaining an industry leading piece of reusable content, you will also obtain an opted-in list of engaged prospective customers. 

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