TADA helps brands improve their business performance by enabling them to move from
transactions to relationships, from customers to advocates with advocacy marketing, digital
rewards and data-driven engagement. TADA’s innovative product is a complete toolbox that engages, retains efficiently and grows revenues as we turn customers into best sales channels.

TADA digital platform goes beyond loyalty focusing on brand building by not only rewarding
customers for purchases but those who are advocates to the brand and its products. TADA
addresses the problem with loyalty program where it is a cost-centric orientation and no clear attributions to the customers spending behaviour. TADA believes it is fundamental that businesses shift from cost-centric loyalty programme to a revenue-centric advocacy programme.

Currently TADA serves more than 300 companies covering various industries from banking,
insurance groups, FMCGs, hotels, manufactures and distributors, lifestyle retailers, to food & beverages retailers. Among our notable clients are Federal Oil, DBS Bank, CIMB Niaga,
Citibank Indonesia, Allianz, NMW skin care, Sour Sally and many more.


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