Zal Dastur

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Lucep

After completing his Masters of International Business and Marketing, Zal started working in a sports public relations firm in Singapore handling some of the largest sporting events in the country such as Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix, Barclays Singapore Open and Volvo Ocean Race among many others.

Taking an opportunity afforded to him Zal switched lanes and moved to Bangalore, India to work on a start up. The start-up focused on bringing Meetings, Conferences, Events and Weddings to hotels in India and around the world. Zal was single handedly responsible for the digital marketing strategy of the company, growing the business from a few hotels in India to more than 2000 hotels around the world.

Missing his home in Singapore, Zal decided to sell his share in the company and move back to the country he grew up in. Working with Construct Digital, a start-up digital advertising agency that worked to support other agencies.

Zal is now managing the growth of a new and exciting startup Lucep. Lucep is focused on providing a tool that connects leads from a website directly to the sales team in under 60 seconds. Lucep has deployed it’s system in such illustrious brands as Citibank, CBRE, Jaguar Land Rover and Starwood Hotels.

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