Vivin Arbianti

Chief of Marketing and Customer, Oliver Wyman (Asia)

Vivin Arbianti Gautama has been pointed to be Marketing and Customer Group Head since 2017, she was assigned to increase the marketing of Generali Indonesia’s products and develop the insurance product itself. With more than 20 years experience in banking and insurance industries especially marketing, products and business development. While still joining in previous company, Vivin had the task of building the name of the company and also developing AXA Mandiri Financial Services.

As a professional marketeers, Vivin has been invited to many multinational seminars and conventions such as the Asia Bancassurance Summit in Singapore (2016), Manulife’s Asia Conference on Bancassurance in Macau (2015), and Community Banking Project Workshop by the Boston Consulting Group (2015), in these events Vivin acted as the speaker. Vivin’s other achievements could be seen from various insurance certificates obtained from AAJI, AAUI, and AASI.

Vivin herself took her undergraduate education in Communication Studies, University of Indonesia and then continued her studies at INSEAD, an international business school in Singapore.

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