Thomas Sowinski

VP Solution Delivery, Farm Credit Services of America

Thomas is an accomplished Senior Executive and Board Member with more than 19 years of success across the banking, finance, and insurance industries. Leveraging extensive experience in digital transformations, he helps companies focus on their customer needs to deliver viable software to achieve business goals and objectives. His broad areas of expertise include building digital applications and platforms, web development and design, customer experience, organizational transformation, and leveraging data analysis and analytics to drive better decision making.  Thomas also serves on the Rutgers Big Data Council in Silicon Valley to support the educational needs of companies and individuals to understand how to more effectively manage their information.

As a volunteer, Thomas is deeply involved in helping the United States Soccer Federation to achieve their goals in player, coach & referee development, membership growth, unification, and governance.  Thomas currently serves on the US Youth Soccer Board of Directors as the West Regional Representative.  Prior to this role he was the President of the New Hampshire Soccer Association, the National State Association of US Soccer.  During his tenure as President he increased membership by 21%, worked to unite the soccer landscape in NH, increased partnerships and fundraising, improved governance, and brought transparency to finances.  He is also a strong advocate for unification at the youth level to encourage the appropriate development of young players.


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