Shwetank Verma

Shwetank Verma

Head of Open Innovation - LumenLab, OJK

Shwetank Verma is an innovator at MetLife, driving forward new revenue opportunities in Health and broadly focused on being an intrapreneur within the larger organization. Prior to joining MetLife he was a serial entrepreneur in healthcare and education. He is also a member of the FICCI National Health Services committee, the FICCI National Health Insurance committee, a mentor at the AIM Smart City accelerator (with Ashoka University) and a mentor at the DLabs business accelerator at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

Shwetank is active in public health. He was nominated to the primary care task force of the Government of India and worked on a Gates Foundation project to reimagine primary care in Uttar Pradesh, India. Shwetank was the founder of MyHealthMate®, a chain of primary care clinics. MyHealthMate built a network of comprehensive primary care ‘health hubs’ in gated communities of more than 500 families.

Prior to MyHealthMate, Shwetank was an intrapreneur and early stage investor at the Richard Chandler Corporation, a Singapore based multi-billion private investment institution. While at RCC, he was the founding COO of Razi Healthcare (later Viva Sehat). At Razi, he conceptualized an affordable healthcare business model to provide high quality primary care to the urban poor. The innovations included dramatically reducing capital expenditure per clinic and standardization of care through IT protocols. He led the expansion of Razi to 45 clinics in India and contributed to the growth of the international healthcare vertical at RCC. He also incubated a pre-schools venture – Rumi Kids, while at RCC.

Shwetank started his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in the United Kingdom. Shwetank is a qualified chartered accountant (UK). He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Econometrics from the University of Nottingham, where he was a Foreign and Commonwealth Office scholar. Shwetank is a keen tennis player, enjoys cricket, food and has a passion for off-the-beaten-path travelling.

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