Rosie Zilinskas

Rosie Zilinskas

Founder, No Woman Left Behind

Rosie Zilinskas is the Executive Career Coach behind the “No Woman Left Behind” brand, which includes the “No Woman Left Behind” podcast, careerbuilding services, mentoring support group, and consultancy. She also coauthors the Bestselling book, “Engaging Speakers – Voices of Truth.” She is deeply passionate about supporting women to advance on equal footing within the Corporate world.

As a bilingual storyteller, Rosie provides education, empowerment, training, and tools to women at the heart of their corporate careers, helping them to recapture money left on the table and to eliminate the gender gap in the workplace. As the Executive Vice President at a Fortune 500 insurance company, Rosie witnessed hundreds of women operating at and being compensated at levels far below their potential and is committed to changing the future of work for women everywhere.

With over thirty years of corporate leadership experience to help support her clients, Rosie has geared her entire enterprise and core mission around elevating women’s self-confidence and capabilities, thereby elevating their potential. She believes serving women in this way benefits society and raises a more empowered next generation.

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