Philippe Vayssac

Chief Innovation Officer, Groupama

Philippe has been with GROUPAMA Rhône-Alpes Auvergne, an insurance and banking company, since 2007, and currently oversees all innovative projects from drones… to blockchain. He leads the innovation cell of his company. He is an expert and a universities teacher of the innovation methods and principles: DESIGN THINKING and EFFECTUATION. He teaches these methods and principles in engineering schools, business schools and schools of management .

These principles and methods are used for entrepreneurship and INTRApreneurship. He is the lead designer and the project owner of the robot drone solution for insurance and agriculture: ( ). This innovation was awarded FINTECH 2017 by the French government organization, Pole de Competivite Finance Innovation. Prior to this role he deployed IT solutions to provide improved customer experience. He is also a former IT developer.

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