Minh Q. Tran

Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Odysseus Alternative Ventures

Minh Q. Tran is an investor and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in building new assets for corporates and strategic investors. Currently, he is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Odysseus Partners, an asset building firm that develops Investment Solutions-as-a-Service and investment funds for Corporates in Fintech, Insurtech, Proptech and Impact investing.

Formerly, Minh was General Partner at AXA Strategic Ventures and founded AXA Seed Factory (1st Seed Fund of AXA before the creation of @AXAVentures).

As a VC, he brings his unique international expertise and passion for entrepreneurship at the service of funding great startups. Minh lived in Asia, New York, Finland and Paris, and worked for several global VC funds (Bertelsmann Ventures, Nokia Ventures, Truffle Capital, AXA Ventures) where he led successful investments in tech, media and mobile ventures worldwide. He now sits on the board of several tech companies and focuses on Asset Management Tech (Insurtech, Proptech and Fintech) mainly.

Minh is an MBA graduate from INSEAD. In addition to his investment activities, Minh regularly writes and curates news on entrepreneurship, innovation, and the state of the Insurtech industry on his blog (www.minhtran.fr). He is often ranked in the top20 fintech and insurtech influencers on social networks, develops insurtech research at the Institute of Financial Services in Zug, Switzerland and regularly speaks at Insurtech conferences.

Follow him on Twitter: @Minh_Q_Tran

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