Martyn Green

Martyn Green

Product and Pricing Director, RSA

A UK qualified Actuary, Martyn has over 15 years experience of using data and advanced analytics within risk modelling and price optimisation.  After pioneering the use of Geological and Geo Demographic data for pricing at Prospero (AXA) Direct he went on to Marks and Spencer before moving on to Lloyds TSB.  As Chief Actuary at Lloyds TSB, amongst other things he was responsible for major business change projects to enable the use of wider data and embedding advanced analytics within live pricing processes.   In his current role in the BGL group he heads up, arguably, the most advanced customer pricing team in the industry and has recently been building an insight function whose purpose is to enable the business to use data to create value by advancing the analytical capability.

In his spare time his most recent mission is to introduce his 2 sons to the joy of whitewater kayaking, which was becoming too much of a distant memory for him.

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