Mark Bates

Chief Executive Officer, RDT

Mark graduated in 1984 with an honours degree in systems analysis.

Mark is passionate about technology and is continually seeking new ways for insurers to accelerate their processes and boost efficiencies. After graduating and spending a year working for Charles Schwab & Co in San Francisco, he returned to the UK and joined Bank of America as a technical consultant. While there he developed the first Europe-wide networked document image processing system.

Mark left Bank of America in 1991 to found RDT with the aim of developing leading edge systems for the insurance industry. Mark’s passion for technology has always been a significant motivating factor in his career and this passion, coupled with a strong commitment to the insurance industry, continually compels him to seek new ways to innovate.

Mark is a very hands-on CEO, operating an open door policy with his staff and regularly attending team meetings and sprint reviews. He collaborates closely with the sales and operations teams to build and maintain peer-to-peer relationships with RDT’s customers. The trust that RDT’s customers have in Mark is what made it possible for RDT to switch to Agile development, and with the company’s turnover growing by 40 per cent in the past three years, and double digit growth projected year on year for the next three years, Mark’s impact is clear.

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