Laura Bennett

Laura Bennett

SVP e-Consumer North America, Chubb

Laura began her career in Toronto, Canada and Dublin, Ireland working for a Canadian life and health insurer where she worked as an actuary while discovering her talents at fixing and building areas in need.  

After 12 years, she left to get an MBA to stretch her wings outside of insurance. While there, she worked on a pet insurance company business plan out of curiosity, and upon graduation, co-founded Embrace Pet Insurance, a fully digital pet health insurance company, well before the word “Insurtech” existed.  

Laura was the CEO of Embrace for 14 years, leading the company through high growth, venture capital rounds, and three insurance partners. Embrace now stands as one of the most respected US pet insurers, having led the transformation of the pet insurance industry through product design, customer service, and 4 years of leadership of NAPHIA (the North American Pet Health Insurance Association.) 

She currently leads Chubb’s eConsumer unit that is building and developing Blink by Chubb, a digital brand aimed at millennials in North America.  

Laura is a big supporter of startups and female entrepreneurs through angel investing, board seats, advice, cheerleading, connecting, and being a shoulder to cry on and celebrate with. She has two daughters the same age as Embrace, 1 cat, and a part-time corgi.  

Twitter: @laurabennett  

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