Kornelia Papp

Kornelia Papp

Group Head of Intelligent Automation, Zurich

Kornelia is an AI product lead focusing on making insurance fun and titillating. She is the founder of the NLP Zurich group (https://www.meetup.com/NLP-Zurich/), a technology-focused, AI-driven knowledge-sharing series. She developed AI applications in the area of speech technology, machine translation, fraud detection, natural language generation, language learning, and financial analytics. At the moment she leads the Conversational AI and Automation efforts at Zurich Insurance.She taught public speaking in Budapest, ran a hotel in Reykjavík, wrote a master’s thesis about colours in Vienna, and a doctoral dissertation on cognitive linguistics in Växjö. After translating a depressing Icelandic novel as a side job, she decided to relocate to the land of chocolate.

Kornelia studied nine+ languages. Her favourite is Danish, but Python was a better investment. Nowadays, she often contemplates the future and what it holds after AI has taken over her job.

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