Kate Gingras, JD

Kate Gingras, JD

Global Insurance Lead, OutSystems

Kate Gingras, JD, is the Global Insurance Industry Lead at OutSystems and is best known for her unyielding commitment to client advocacy and business success.  For the past 20+ years, she has worked collaboratively with insurers around the globe as a consultant, business leader, and advisor with PwC, IBM, Pegasystems, and Appian. Kate has built and led commercial teams focused on the application of AI software for insurance, healthcare, and financial services industries at startups Cogito and Ushur. She sits on the board of advisors for several startups in the Boston area and is a founding member of CHIEF.

Kate has continuously searched for new ways to advance efficiency, revenue, and profit goals with technology.  Philosophically, she believes that the insurance industry is one of the most resilient industries worldwide.  The dynamic of commercial and personal needs pushing the market to deliver more relevant products faster, easier, and in compliance with ever-changing regulations drives all in the industry to outperform – never sit still.  In her role at OutSystems, she works with clients and partners to see their way to goals by leveraging technology.

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