John Warburton

John Warburton

Co-founder, Konsileo

John is Co-Founder, with technologist Peter Henderson, of Konsileo, a tech enabled commercial insurance broking startup. John’s insight behind Konsileo is that there is a wealth of opportunity to use technology to help businesses manage risk, transform the efficiency of the broking process and to build a self-managing broking organisation.

John is a regular commentator on insurance technology issues, particularly broking technology, notably in the “Future of Commercial Insurance Broking” report for the CII. He is also a council member for Insurtech UK, the Insurtech trade association.

John has participated in the evolution of the insurance business model for over 20 years.  A common thread has been the application of technology to support and enhance, rather than replace, people in insurance.

He started in the 1990’s in Commercial Union (now Aviva) in Leicester where he had an extensive apprenticeship in underwriting, sales and operations. He then worked in Hong Kong and Beijing before returning to the UK to run a personal lines affinity business. In 1999 he started a “dot com” selling travel insurance online.  Following an MBA at London Business School, John became a consultant at Accenture where he worked in a number of markets applying technology to support underwriters.

He joined Allianz in 2004 and fulfilled a number of senior roles in the UK business. John moved to Munich in 2011 as the Director of Marketing responsible for driving Allianz’s global Digital Business/ Insurtech initiatives, reporting to the global CMO. He left Allianz in to start Konsileo, where he continues to be driven by a deep respect for the expertise of insurance professionals and a desire to use technology to augment rather than replace them.

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