John Shew

John Shew


John Shew joined RHB Insurance in July 2012 as a Head of Information Technology. He is responsible for driving the new insurance solutions implementation, to establish an entirely new IT strategy roadmap and also building a modern IT organization structure.

His initiatives include improving service delivery through embracing effective and efficient use of technology; creating business models for delivering new services such as virtual desktops; promoting online development opportunities to increase self-service capabilities; and leading strategic initiatives to transform the technology department to be flexible, adaptable and responsive to customer needs.

Prior to joining RHB Insurance, John holds several key roles, which included Project Management with international based life insurance company and regional project director who implemented life and general insurance system.

In a prior role, John implemented regional life insurance system with full system peripherals. John holds a bachelor degree of computer sciences and MBA major in Corporate Finance from the United Kingdom.

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