Inji Charkani

Chief Innovation Officer, AXA Partners

Chief Innovation Officer at AXA Partners has 20 years of experience in the insurance sector. In her current role she leads the Innovation strategy across different lines of businesses (Health, Motor, Household, Travel,…) within AXA Partners (a unit dedicated to Partnerships and present in 40 geographies). She interacts with the existing Innovation ecosystem inside the group and in co-creation with external Partners outside the group. Prior to that she was the Chief Claims Officer of AXA Global Direct (A unit covering 9 geographies in Europe and Asia) for more than 5 years and has been an active member of the Claims Board which was the governance body setting the overall claims strategy across the group. She has also been the business sponsor of many transformation programs for the AXA Group.

Inji graduated from Institut Français du Petrole (IFP Engineering School) with a degree in statistical modeling techniques applied to energy. She started her career with the French insurer MMA in Le Mans as a Claims Research Officer in Statistics before joining AXA Group headquarters in 2001 to take charge of key claims transformation projects. She then switched to R&D and shared business platform models, and lately has been driving disruptive and innovative partnership initiatives aiming at generating solutions delivering value for the end customer, key partnerships and for insurance Operations.

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