Giovanni D’Aniello

Giovanni D’Aniello

Group Chief Information Officer, AXA

AXA Group Chief Information Officer Giovanni D’Aniello holds over 25 years’ experience in the domain of IT Management and Strategy. Having previously worked at BNP Paribas, IBM, BelgaCom, HP and Orange, D’Aniello joined AXA in 2010, becoming AXA Belgium’s Chief Information Officer in 2016.  In 2018, Giovanni was appointed Group Chief Technology Officer before progressing to Deputy Group CIO in 2020.  

Giovanni has been at the helm of AXA’s IT strategy since his appointment as Group CIO in 2021. Under his remit, he has launched multiple IT transformation projects paving the way for AXA’s tech future by growing AXA’s presence in the platform economy with initiatives such as the Digital Healthcare Platform (created with Microsoft) and overseeing strategic global programs for the company (Digital Network, Identity, to name a few). Giovanni is particularly passionate about Digital Sustainability, weaving this practice into AXA’s IT strategy so that the company may deliver on its commitment to the climate by mitigating the impact of its tech choices on the planet. 

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