Gareth Howell

Gareth Howell

Managing Director, AXA Direct, AXA Insurance

Gareth has worked in AXA’s direct to consumer business for 6 years, leading various functions (pricing, product management, customer & marketing) and now having full general management responsibility. He has set the strategic ambition for the business to lead the UK personal lines insurance market through trust, simplicity and innovation and is driving the business forward to become more individualised for, and more connected with, our customers. He is an insurance technician and data geek by background, but with a desire to be progressive and disrupt how the insurance industry operates from within. Outside of work, his wife and 2 small children keep him busy along with staying active through running, cycling and playing tennis, and travelling as a family to explore new places as much as they can.

Outside of work, he is as busy as he is in work but for very different reasons! His two young girls keep him busy and smiling, a hectic social life and an addiction to competitive sport (doing or watching) means he never sits still!

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