Elena Cinquegrana

Group Product Director, Photobox

Elena is a sound and experienced tech innovator and advocate of any new trends that blends human brain power with next generation technology.

Started her carrier in ExxonMobil, where she learned how to use technology to implement safe operational models, embrace data as a way to been able to make factual and informative decisions.

Her  leadership skills have been forged and tested while working in off -shore platform, in The Amazon basin inspecting and implementing new pipeline systems and in other few remote and exotic locations.

Elena moved then to a Consulting career across big Tech house the like of Accenture – CGI – Navigant, where she managed and directed global transformation programs across Supply Chain – Manufacturing – Logistics and Retail.

Her curious mind and creative thinking has brought her to develop an interest in Product management, and that resulted in moving in the role of Head of Product Development in McLaren Applied Technology, where she blended traditional tech product with analytics derived from Formula 1 racing.

She is not the Group Product Director at PhotoBox,

Product, design and innovation are at the core of Elena day job.

Elena believes in technology disruption as the enabler to increase gross margin and gain market advantage.

Her key strategic drivers are:

  1. Prioritize human factors over a technical process
  2. Focus ruthlessly on value creation
  3. Inject tension into the system
  4. Tackle attitudes to risk head on

And this is how she does it:

* Drive the current and future product strategy

* Responsible for global profit improvement and financial growth across all Functions

* Undertake continuous analysis of competitive environment, consumer trends and new technologies

* Own and direct the long term Strategic vision for Production, Manufacturing , Delivery management, Shipping and Supply Chain

* Launched the next gen Delivery Management CX Journey across all brands (it includes new customers value propositions, technology platform and analytical toolkit)

I am a goal driven leader, who lives in the present and looks out into the future as the art of the possible.


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