Dylan Whitehead

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Alloy Claims

Dylan Whitehead is the founder and CEO of Alloy Claims. He began his career making $12/hour working in a policy services call-center for a major American insurer. After graduating from college, he continued in the insurance field as an entry-level adjuster for another leading insurer. After working in liability, damage appraisal, commercial auto, and theft investigator roles, he moved into a management role for casualty claims. After 9 years, he was approached by a multi-national carrier to become a claims auditor for consumer property & casualty claims globally. Within 6 months of taking this role, he was asked to oversee the department. He had the opportunity to travel the world learning about and advising on best practices for all claims types.

Most recently, Dylan was the head of personal insurance claims for 2 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. He established Alloy in 2019 based on his experience in trying to build a new claims organization from the ground up. Despite the potential to modernize, the internal barriers to change were insurmountable. Knowing he was not alone in this experience, Dylan founded Alloy to provide a modern, efficient claims experience without the baggage and impediments his peers still face.

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