Dr. Michael Fassnauer

Chief Executive Officer, Ubimet

Dr. Michael Fassnauer is the founder and CEO of UBIMET, the leading digital weather service provider for weather-dependent industries. He completed his PhD in chemistry at the University of Vienna and in 2004, he founded Austria’s first private weather service together with meteorology graduate Manfred Spatzierer, with the objective of offering hyperlocal weather information on a global scale.

By merging radar, satellite, lightning and station data with proprietary local and global model data, UBIMET’s dedicated team of meteorologists, engineers and IT experts is building the world’s only meteorological artificial intelligence. With this technology, UBIMET generates customizable and scalable high-resolution weather information for automated processes and human decision makers seeking to cut cost, boost revenue and/or improve safety.

Top insurers, energy providers, infrastructure operators, car manufacturers and champions of the new economy all place their trust in UBIMET. For example, 80% of the P&C insurers in Switzerland, Germany and Austria use UBIMET solutions across the insurance lifecycle to reduce claims, automate their risk tools, strengthen customer loyalty and increase NPS.

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