Călin-Mihai Rangu

Călin-Mihai Rangu

Director of Business Conduct and Intermediaries Supervision Directorate, UniCredit Bulbank Logo

Călin is acting as Director of Consumer Protection Directorate of Romanian Financial Supervision Authority, covering fraudulent practices of the market, President of the Institute of Financial Studies, member of EIOPA Consumer Protection and Financial Innovation Committee, and he has a broad experience in management, banking, operational risks, IT and financial services, products and technologies. Călin is double licensed in economics and engineering, PhD in neural networks applied in financial series processing, MBA graduate in banking and finance, University Lector at Administration and Political Studies National University. He acts in more associations, being co-founder of CIO Council Romania. He acted over 13 years as director/CIO in National Bank of Romania and Raiffeisen Bank, and general director of Romanian subsidiary of Raiffeisen Informatik Austria Group.

He published over 100 articles, and two books, being organizer or speaker in major Romanian conferences related to consumer protection, alternative dispute resolution, financial and banking sectors, IT, cyber-fares, operational risk management, or management and processes.

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