Biswa Sengupta

Head of Artificial Intelligence, Data-Science and Engineering, AXA

Dr. Sengupta leads AXA XL’s Centre of Excellence for AI, Data-Science and Engineering. He oversees the AI strategy for AXA XL, along with delivering machine learning based products for natural language processing/understanding/generation and computer vision; the data-science scope concerns statistical models for pricing, fraud-prediction, etc.; and the engineering duties include design of cloud architecture/infrastructure for training large-scale models on GPUs incl. CI/CD DevOps stack to operationalize bespoke algorithms for real-life use-cases. Additionally, Biswa supervises scientists both at the Imperial College London and the University College London. Prior to this, he established the AI Theory Lab for Huawei R&D UK and served as the Chief Scientist for an Imperial College based computer vision start-up. Biswa obtained his Ph.D. in dynamical systems/optimization from the University of Cambridge; attaining further post-doctoral training on Bayesian statistics and Riemann geometry at UCL/Cambridge.

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