Beth Maerz

SVP, Platform, Customer Experience and Innovation, Travelers

Beth Maerz is the Senior Vice President of Platform, Customer Experience and Innovation for Personal Insurance, where she drives new and existing innovation efforts with business partners across Travelers.

Recognized as an innovation thought leader and global partner to InsurTech startup companies, Beth’s impact can be seen across the industry since she joined Travelers in 2005.

Through an ever-expanding network of influencers, she helps identify and explore new areas where Travelers can innovate and meet the future needs of our customers and agents. Together, the dual focus of her work continues to keep Travelers on the cutting edge of innovation and new customer-centric technology.

In 2016, she led the effort to establish the Hartford InsurTech Hub, an industry job-creation center for nearly a dozen start-up companies. In 2017, she and her team received the prestigious Travelers Chairman’s award for developing the company’s first true millennial product. Soon after, Beth was named to ACORD’s Top 10 list of 2018 InsurTech Leaders, recognizing her potential for driving change in the global insurance industry, with an emphasis on tangible industry outcomes.

Prior to Travelers, Beth held leadership positions with a variety of marketing and management consulting firms. She served as Vice President of Darwin Partners’ Solutions Group, a Global Solutions Leader for the Enterprise Relationship Management practice of iXL. Early in her career, Beth developed the pharmaceutical marketing consulting practice at Epsilon, a leading data-driven marketing services firm.

Beth earned her undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Connecticut and a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Economics from Boston University.

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