Andre Tomas Parreira

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, InsurAds

AndrĂ© Parreira is a creative serial entrepreneur, currently leading the drive to AI Digital Advertisement Insurance Technology. Parreira has been a major web technology entrepreneur since 1997, providing e-commerce solutions for thousands of clients and large brands. Parreira launched the global Realtime brand in 2010 to realize the game-changing possibilities of patented, persistent bi-directional connection technology for personalised content delivery, advertising, marketing, live collaboration, and e-commerce. In Digital Advertisement, he found its passion, he Pioneer the Time and Attention movement, he created the Guaranteed eXposure Impression, the gXi, and help paved the way for the Viewable Impression adoption globally. In 2019, he started a new Mar-InsurTech venture and a new product category, the World’s 1st Insurance for Digital Advertisement, this product is part of a InsurAds Time and Attention Monetization Platform currently connecting over 500 Million Users Globally and Insuring more than 1 Billion Impressions Daily.

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