Aditya Budi

Aditya Budi

Chief Executive Officer, Premiro

Aditya Budi has more than 10 years experience in Information Technology. He studied in BINUS University majoring in Statistics and Computer Science, and hold Master Degree in Information System from Nanyang Technologies University, Singapore. During his professional career span, Budi built his IT expertise from Teaching Assistant and Research Engineer in BINUS Universities, up to his newest venture as CEO of PT Mitra Ibisnis Terapan, the company behind Indonesia’s licensed Digital Insurance Broker

Premiro is the latest initiative of Budi’s passion in InsureTech field, where previously he built the similar platform named under PT Mitra Iswara & Rorimpandey, one of the largest and admired Insurance Brokers in Indonesia Insurance market where he served as Head of Information Technology and Services for more than 4 years. More than just an IT aficionado, Budi has an excellent Business Insight. His advanced problem solving and business process thinking capability will bring up Premiro to the new level of experience in insurance’s nearest future in Indonesia.

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