The keys to unlocking the power of AI

Designing ethical data strategies with the customer in mind

15 November | 11:30AM GMT | QEII Centre, London

As regulatory standards shift and emerging technologies such as data-hungry AI and real-time analytics begin to put pressure on data, it has never been more important for insurers to approach innovation in a way that is ethical, equitable, and sustainable, while ensuring they have the right data at the optimal time to deliver for customers.

What we will explore


The data capabilities that will be required to meet the expectations of the FCA’s new Consumer Duty.


How insurers should respond to the new standards outlined by the EU Data Act.


What data maturity looks like in an age of rapidly developing AI.


Unlocking the potential of new data and technology to deliver for customers both quickly and responsibly.

The Customer Revolution In-person Roundtable


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15 November | 11:30AM GMT
60 minutes
Welcome and participant introductions


Roundtable Discussion

  • What data capabilities do insurers need to meet rising expectations on consumer duty?
  • The FCA’s new Consumer Duty: how can insurers put consumer insight at the heart of product and service design?
  • How can insurers optimise real-time analytics while remaining compliant with both consumer duty and EU data standards?
  • The EU AI act: what governance should insurers develop around the use of models and generative AI to meet regulation in the EU and UK?
  • What does data maturity look like in a world of exploding data sources and data-hungry AI?
  • Consumer trust and AI: what systems need to be put in place to deliver appropriate levels of accountability and transparency?
  • Human centricity: how can insurers deliver innovation that promotes wellbeing and includes human agency
  • The future is now: what new innovations can be unlocked by an ethical approach to AI?

Closing remarks

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