Navigating a new risk landscape

Keys to creating future-proof product, underwriting and pricing strategies

6 September | 12PM CEST | Online

From the rapid progression of the climate crisis to the increased complexity of cyberattacks, the global risk landscape is more unpredictable than ever. In this new era, innovation across the insurance value chain will be integral to preparing future-proof strategies in the face of emerging and evolving risks.

What we will explore


The key strategies that should be implemented to prepare in the face of new and emerging risks


Which value-added services are accelerating the move to proactive risk mitigation, and how insurers can leverage IoT data to produce intelligent insights


The ethical implementation of dynamic pricing to maintain a robust risk pool


How underwriting and the role of the underwriter will have to pivot in response to complex emerging risks

The Customer Revolution In-person Roundtable


6 September | 12PM CEST
75 minutes

Welcome and participant introductions

Roundtable Discussion

  • Cyber, crypto, climate: how should insurers prepare for new risks?

  • Fitbits, telemedicine, apps: how are value-added services accelerating the move to risk mitigation?

  • IoT analytics: what is the key to converting raw data into intelligent insights?

  • The data challenge: what will prove the catalyst for customers to share their data with insurers?

  • Maintaining a robust risk pool: how can insurers leverage dynamic pricing while protecting higher-risk customers?

  • Meeting the challenge of dynamic pricing: what must insurers do to prepare?

  • From UBI to parametric: how will underwriting need to pivot?

  • Underwriting complex emerging risks: to what extent is greater use of MGAs the answer?

  • Redefining the role of the underwriter: what skills will underwriters require?

Closing remarks

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