The place of the insurer in ecosystems

Looking to the future: the evolution of embedded insurance and ecosystems

Amidst a wave of innovation in the insurance industry, all eyes are on how insurance distribution will evolve as we move into the future. In particular, the rise of ecosystems and embedded finance is transforming the way in which consumers interact with P&C insurance products.


  • Ecosystems and embedded insurance today: what’s the state of play?
  • Will embedded insurance become the dominant form of insurance distribution, and how soon?
  • Responding to the growth of embedded insurance: what does it take to be a good partner?
  • What are the keys to developing a long-term ecosystem strategy?
  • How can incumbent carriers catch up with the strides made by new entrants in the embedded insurance space?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing API standardization, and how can they be overcome?
  • How might open insurance foster collaboration between insurtechs and incumbent carriers?
  • Favoring competition and choice: could embedded aggregators be the future?
  • To what extent should further growth of new MGAs be expected?

Hear from the expert panel:

Nathan DauSchmidt, AVP Strategy and Innovation, Great American Insurance Group

Mitchell Kemper, Head of Partnership Enablement, Liberty Mutual

Sudheendra Galgali, VP, Head of Innovation & Digital, American Modern

Kenneth Tolson, President of Network Solutions, Crawford & Company

Dinesh Shenoy, Solutions Engineer, Airkit

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