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The generative AI revolution

Creating a framework for deployment

The rise of GenAI has marked a new era for the insurance industry, and when it comes to creating a successful generative AI framework, there is a great deal for insurers to consider. On the one hand, insurers will be able to unlock the potential of generative AI to handle previously untapped forms of data at speed. The challenge, however, will be mitigating the risk of inaccuracy from potential hallucinations and half-truths, and navigating shifting regulation to ensure compliance.

Tune into this webinar to learn how insurers can forge a path to deploying generative AI with confidence, security and success.


Discussion points

  • What does the roadmap to successful generative AI deployment look like?
  • What are the key use cases? In what timeframe will we see usage take off?
  • How might generative AI transform the way that insurers handle unstructured data?
  • Multimodal generative AI: what is the potential and what are the limitations?
  • Hallucinations and half-truths: how can insurers navigate the risks of inaccuracy?
  • Training LLMs: is cross-industry collaboration necessary?
  • The EU AI Act: what considerations must insurers take into account to ensure compliance?
  • What safeguards must be in place to confidently and securly deploy generative AI?

Watch to gain insights on:

  • The opportunities and risks of generative AI.
  • How to lay the foundations for successful deployment.
  • The EU AI Act and beyond: building the right compliance and governance framework.

Hear from the expert panel:

Steven Zuanella, Group Chief Digital Officer, Generali

Chris Loake, Group CIO, Hiscox

Tom Mansfield, Data and Analytics Director, AXA

Kristofer le Sage de Fontenay, Insurance Leader, Capgemini

Marina Belezina, Group Director of Strategy and Innovation, Aviva

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