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Insuring the customer of the future


Innovations in product and distribution for a new digital era

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the insurance industry is on a transformative journey to engage customers more frequently and create personalised experiences like never before.

As insurers develop their product design and distribution strategies, keeping the customer of the future front of mind will be paramount to success.


Discussion points

  • Towards more frequent engagement with customers: how will insurers need to prepare?

  • Segmentation or exclusion: the opportunities and risks of data-driven hyperpersonalisation.

  • Envisioning a truly contextual insurance: the next stage of personalisation.

  • What are the essential ingredients of successful, customer-first product development?

  • What novel data sources can insurers draw on to inform product design?

  • From AI modelling to digital twins: how is technology enabling faster testing?

  • Planning a channel strategy: anticipating where customer behaviours will take us next.

  • Channel priorities: finding the balance between channel of choice and quality of experience.

  • Meeting customers where they are: embracing the rise of embedded insurance.

  • Voice as a channel: could generative AI be the catalyst for faster uptake?

Watch to gain insight on:

  • The opportunities and risks of offering more highly personalised experiences to customers
  • The keys to building a successful, customer-first product development approach
  • Predicting changing customer behaviours and embedding them into your channel strategy
  • Perfecting the balance between the customer’s channel of choice and their quality of experience

Hear from the expert panel:

Chris Thompson, Head of Digital Next Generation Insurance, Aviva

Mark Townsend, Managing Director, Motor and Home, BGL Insurance

Dylan Bourguignon, Chief Executive Officer, SO-SURE

Chris Gill, Head of Insurance, Fintech OS

In partnership with:

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