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Meeting the demands of next-gen digital-savvy customers

Leveraging digital to close the customer expectation vs experience gap




Our panel of experts are leveraging the power of fully integrated digital platforms – purpose-built for the cloud – and building flexibility and agility into digital transformation projects in order to close the customer expectation gap and future-proof their businesses for the long term.

At a time when these customers’ expectations are skyrocketing, there is no greater moment than the present for Insurers to adapt and accelerate change, to meet the demands of next-gen digital-savvy customers. These days we can get nearly anything we want at a touch of a button – everything except perhaps most insurance products. Legacy applications and age-old practices have often prohibited Insurers from making it simple and quick for consumers to purchase insurance cover. This also restricts Insurers from delivering rich and sustainable customer experiences – hampering their ability to attract and retain new business.


  • Meeting the demands of next-gen digital-savvy customers: where are insurers currently falling short and what more must be done?
  • To what extent is the disconnect between customer-facing digital transformation and legacy systems affecting customers?
  • Avoiding piecemeal technology adoption: how can insurers create a long-term CX vision for digital innovation, transformation and change?
  • Leaning into next-gen customer communication – how can insurers best leverage new digital technologies to offer hyper-personalised customer experiences? And effectively scale these across the business?
  • Exploring the opportunities of fully integrated, cloud-based digital platforms: how and where are we seeing these being used most effectively?
  • The power of data to close the customer expectation gap: how can insurers best use AI, analytics and new data sets to make informed and relevant offers at the appropriate moments?
  • Futureproofing the business: how can insurers build with flexibility and agility in mind to create a long-term vision for digital transformation and meet the demands of the customers of the future?

Hear from the expert panel:

Melanie Kill, Claims Transformation Director, AXA

Natasha O’Kane, Head of Digital Transformation, Unum

Anne Marie Collins, Head of Customer Experience I Western European Market – Strategy & Transformation, Liberty Mutual

Ruth Fisk, VP of Strategy, Insurance, Smart Communications

René Schoenauer, Director, EMEA Product Marketing, Guidewire

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