Cyber resilience in an evolving risk landscape


The demands of the digital world – flexibility, openness, and real-time big data – are increasing cyber vulnerability, just as the cyber threat itself is increasing. In this webinar, digital, technology, risk and security experts from across industries discuss how to balance today’s data and processing requirements with a rigorous cyber resilience strategy.

Up for discussion

  • Flexibility and openness vs compliance and resilience: are these necessarily competing goals?
  • How do hybrid and multi-cloud strategies and microservices impact cyber risk profiles?
  • Increasing sophistication of cyber attacks: what must businesses do to stay ahead of the game?
  • Combatting increasing ransomware attacks: creating an effective immutable backup strategy
  • Opening up securely: is a ‘zero-trust’ philosophy the answer?
  • Managing the cost: what are the advantages of storage- and resilience-as-a-service models?
  • What role should third-party cyber resilience services play in an effective resilience strategy?

Hear from the expert panel:

Charles Ewen, Chief Information Officer, Met Office

Robin Smith, CISO, Aston Martin

Matthew Fordham, Storage Technical Leader, IBM

In partnership with:

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