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Customer engagement strategies for the new era of insurance distribution


Preparing for success in a world of changing distribution models




Has digital acceleration resulted in a shift towards D2C models for your organization? How can you best empower agents to offer the greatest service possible and deliver more to customers at the point of sale? Are you ready to capitalise on the new opportunities in the platform economy?

Panellists confirmed

Amy Archer

Amy Archer

Senior Vice President – Customer Care and Property/Casualty Claims, Horace Mann

Lori Pon, AAA | Insurance Innovators

Lori Pon

AVP Claims Transformation, Hanover Insurance

Craig Welsh Photo

Craig Welsh

Chief Distribution and Marketing Officer, Westfield

Abby Hosseini

Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Mercury Insurance

Adam Evans

Co-founder and CTO, Airkit

Eugene Lee, Guidewire

Eugene Lee

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Insurance Suite , Guidewire


  • How are customer preferences for channel engagement and distribution models changing? What should carriers be doing now to keep up?
  • What do new distribution models, such as d2c and embedded finance, mean for customer engagement strategies?
  • How is the role of the agent changing in a digital world and how can insurers make sure their CX technology keeps up?
  • How can agents be empowered to improve the customer experience?
  • A fork in the road: is the future captive agents or distribution through third-party brokers?
  • How do you optimise the customer’s point of sale experience in a guided context?
  • The embedded insurance revolution: how can insurers overcome the challenges of legacy systems to thrive in the new market?
  • Preparing for the new market: how can insurers sell directly in a digital context and how do they make sure they are ready to compete?


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Insurance Innovators TV Webinars



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