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Customer engagement in the age of AI

Harnessing the power of AI for CX success on digital channels

With the general public now being able to access ChatGPT with ease, it’s clear that attitudes around AI and its value are shifting.

For insurers, this opens the door to a world of innovation, as they have the opportunity to leverage AI to create more personalised customer experiences than ever before. But what will be the keys to unlocking true AI and analytics sophistication, and ensuring CX success?


Discussion points

  • The rise of ChatGPT: how has public opinion around AI-powered interactions shifted?
  • A frictionless journey: how can AI interactions be made seamless across multiple channels?
  • Acting on preferences and pain points: how can insurers harness the power of conversational data for customer success?
  • The future of hyperpersonalisation: what impact will advances in AI have on marketing?
  • Transforming real-time data into real-time analytics: what are the keys to success?
  • Quantum computing: how can insurers unlock true AI and analytics sophistication?

Watch to gain insight on:


  • Shifting public opinion: how attitudes have changed following widespread access to generative AI
  • How AI can be leveraged to create more personalised customer experiences than ever before, across multiple channels
  • Supercharging real-time analytics: the keys to unlocking true AI and analytics sophistication

Hear from the expert panel:

Kornelia Papp, Group Head of Intelligent Automation, Zurich

Dean Witherington, Retail Claims Director, AXA

David Geffen, VP Product Marketing, Glassbox

In partnership with:

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