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Claims in the age of generative AI


Understanding the future impact of advances in AI

The rise of generative AI has the potential to turn the claims department on its head, with claims being handled more efficiently than ever.

That being said, a greater use of generative AI poses questions as to the extent to which a human handler should be involved in claims processing, and whether ethical standards are being sufficiently adhered to within these new processes.


Watch to gain insight on:

  • The extent to which generative AI will transform claims and how claims leaders can prepare
  • How the role of the claims handler might change and how to keep customers and teams onside
  • What ethical considerations need to be made and how insurers should navigate them accordingly

Hear from the expert panel:

David Fineberg, Head of Claims (UK), Generali

Richard Booth, Head of Data Science, AXA

Chirag Jindal, Head of Insurance, Americas, ServiceNow

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