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Building an architecture fit for the future


Seizing the innovation opportunity in the face of economic uncertainty

As the economic state of play remains unstable, innovation will be more crucial than ever within the insurance industry to ensure resilience.

From automation to cloud and open APIs, insurers will have to focus their investment priorities to build a successful transformation strategy.

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Discussion points

  • Focusing investment: prioritising between cost transformation and growth opportunities.

  • Shifting IT trends: where are the new business opportunities being created?

  • Upcoming AI regulations: what operational changes will be needed to ensure compliance?

  • The rise of intelligent automation (IA): how can insurers leverage IA to supercharge efficiencies?

  • From flexibility to security: what should insurers consider when deciding the right cloud model?

  • Multi vs distributed cloud: how can cloud strategies remain resilient in the face of future risks?

  • What strategies must be adopted to avoid spaghetti architecture and shadow IT?

  • What might a truly API-first architecture look like and how can it be achieved?

Watch to gain insight on:


  • The transformation state of play: how priorities are shifting in the face of an uncertain economic climate and evolving IT trends.
  • How automation trends and regulation will impact cost reduction strategies.
  • The keys to building a successful transformation strategy involving cloud, automation, and open APIs.

Hear from the expert panel:

Emanuele Colonnella, Innovation Lead, Generali

John Glottrup, Head of Group Strategy Office, Alm. Brand Group

Megan Duty, SVP, Puritan Life

Nick Dunn, Insurance Vertical Lead, FIS

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